“Nothing a** won’t bother you,” Nicola Savino has to step in

Isola 2022, Ellari Blasi’s new slip: “Nulla ti scureg **”, Nicola Savino should step in. at Episode thirteen Full of tensions, to make the audience smile is the owner who made a small mistake. Savino was immediately ready to back her up and the crisis returned.

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During the last thirty seconds of televised flash in a file Monday 2 May Episode Elari Blasey always reads a few small sentences describing the outcasts involved. Speaking of Ilona Staller instead of saying “nothing discourages you”, Blasey stumbles at From his slips and says, “Nothing oppresses you…

Realizing the mistake, she burst out laughing and couldn’t stop, like that Nicolas Savino comes to his aid: “It happens to everyone, then we recover,” then pretended to have a phone call with Simona Ventura, former host of the popular The Island of the program: “You should come, she said fart.”

The entire studio applauds and laughs with Nicola Savino who continues to read the humps also supported by Vladimir Luxoria. The trio of wonders are increasingly closely interconnected.

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