One Life, May 3 and 4 previews: Daniela kisses Miguel

After “getting close” with her, Ignacio re-established the distance with Alodia, who immediately realized the mistake that had been made.

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Before Miguel rushes to the aid of the arrested protester, Daniela abruptly kisses him.

Demonstrations also reached Acacia, and Antonio was injured during the riots. This prompts him to write an extremely ruthless essay on the riots, which Ramon begs him in vain not to publish.

When Natalia announced to Aurelio and Genoveva that she had agreed to go out with Felipe, the two decided it was time to carry out their plan.

Sabina accuses Daniela of exploiting Miguel. Determined to fend for herself, the girl makes a wrong move.

Marcos orders Pierre Caron to move against Natalia as quickly as possible, while she is kidnapped under Felipe’s eyes.

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