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According to a Russian conductor, the missile could cause a tsunami capable of wiping out the British Isles: at the moment, the submarine, which should serve as a launch pad at the shipyard, will be decommissioned, and the Russian reconstruction seems to contain some errors.

Moscow continues to raise the threat of superweapons capable of defeating every Western defense. And among them – as it was rebroadcast on Russian television – there Poseidon super nuclear torpedo, capable of unleashing (thesis) a giant tsunami. Presenter Dmitry Kiselyov speaking in the Vesti Nedeli program on the channel Russian 1make it clear The British Isles can be wiped out. A computer-animated threat to the wave hitting the UK. All great effect. Expert HI Sutton, who has been following this type of system for years, has been published Video analysis where select some aspects.

1) Drones are potentially a scary system.

2) The submarine that should serve as the correct launch pad is Belgorod. Except currently stopping at a shipyard.

3) The video shows the torpedo ejecting laterally as it is instead fired from the submarine’s bow. An error attributed to the issuer.

4) The torpedo in the video has a disc in the aft, but this is not shown on the official model.

5) The power of the charge: they talked about 500 megatons, capable of creating a mass of destructive water on the coast. But this data – says the analyst – is just a guess, an item that has appeared in the media. The warhead is likely to be 2 megatons.

The Poseidon, also known as Case 6, It must travel at a speed of 70 knots and a depth of 1,000 meters, driven by a reactor. All properties that can present obstacles to those who have to intercept them.

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