Villarreal-Liverpool: 2-3 Champions 2021/2022. Final score and commentary on the match

  • Thank you for watching this match live with us, see you in the next Champions League match.22:55

  • The Champions League final will be held on May 28 in Paris, and Liverpool are waiting for the winner from Real Madrid – Manchester City.22:55

  • Liverpool in the Champions League final, the English go through a comeback at Villarreal. The Spaniards lead by two goals in the first half, with Dia and Coquelin. In the second half, Fabinho shorts, equal to Luis Diaz, Mane completes the bypass.22:54

  • 90′ + 3′

    Match ends, VILLARREAL-LIVERPOOL 2-3. The English travel to the tenth Champions League final in history.22:51

  • 90′

    The referee gives two minutes of recovery.22:48

  • 89′

    Liverpool’s counterattack, Salah’s conclusion in an inaccurate fall.22:47

  • 87 ‘

    Salah tries in the area with his left hand, and the Spanish defense hit him with a shot.22:45

  • 85 ‘

    A chief was sent off for adding yellow cards. Second yellow card for unfair play on Jones.22:44

  • 85 ‘

    PAU TORRES has been booked due to wrong play on Mane.22:43

  • 84 ‘

    Liverpool substitution: Milner enters Fabinho.22:42

  • 81 ‘

    LO CELSO is booked for unfair play on Fabinho.22:42

  • 80 ‘

    Liverpool chance! Jones, just entering the field, from the center of the area engages Rowley.22:40

  • 80 ‘

    Liverpool substitution: Jones enters the exits of Thiago.22:39

  • 80 ‘

    Liverpool substitution: Tsimikas enters Robertson’s exits.22:39

  • 80 ‘

    VILLARREAL REPLACEMENT: Paco Alcacer Dia enters.22:38

  • 79 ‘

    Liverpool substitution: Henderson enters the exits of Keita.22:38

  • 79 ‘

    VILLARREAL REPLACEMENT: Aurier enters Albiol exits.22:37

  • 79 ‘

    VILLARREAL REPLACEMENT: Enter Trigueros Estupinan.22:37

  • 77 ‘

    Free kick from Parejo, Pedraza touches, the ball is not too far from the post.22:37

  • 77 ‘

    ALEXANDER-ARNOLD warned against incorrect play on Pedraza.22:35

  • 74 ‘

    Goal! Villarreal Liverpool 2-3! manet network. Launching Keita, Mané starts his half, expecting Rulli to leave the area, and Foyth jumps and is deposited into the net with the door wide open.21:56

  • 74 ‘

    Help Naby Lay Keita21:56

  • 73 ‘

    Luis Diaz is very active and a great influence on the match.22:33

  • 71 ‘

    Estupinan lunged to the left, but Fabinho didn’t give him space for the cross.22:29

  • 68 ‘

    VILLARREAL REPLACEMENT: Chukwueze enters Gerard Moreno’s exits.21:29

  • 68 ‘

    VILLARREAL REPLACEMENT: Pedraza enters Coquelin exits.21:29

  • 67′

    Goal! Villarreal 2-2 Liverpool! Luis Diaz Network. Alexander-Arnold bowl in the area, Luis Diaz surprises the defense from behind and beats Rowley. The ball is passed between the goalkeeper’s legs again.22:27

  • 67′

    Corner kick by Alexander Arnold, header by Konate large.22:25

  • 66 ‘

    Liverpool chance! Luis Diaz flash, skewed shot: Ball panting.22:24

  • 65′

    Dia vertical to Gerard Moreno, Konate is a good goalkeeper.22:23

  • 63 ‘

    The president warned against playing wrongly on Fabinho.22:22

  • 62 ‘

    Goal! Villarreal 2-1 Liverpool! Fabinho network. Salah’s proposal, Fabinho from a narrow angle, pushes Roli to the near post. The ball is passed between the legs of the Argentine goalkeeper.22:21

  • 60′

    Keita tries to serve in the Salah area, Pau Torres for free.22:20

  • 58 ‘

    Possession of Liverpool, Villarreal lowers the center of gravity.22:16

  • 56′

    Luis Diaz tried to cut Mane’s cross with scissors, but to no avail.22:14

  • 55 ‘

    Via Liverpool! Conclusion From the Alexandre-Arnold distance, the deflection of Cucullin, the ball rises and hits the top of the crossbar.22:15

  • 53 ‘

    Crossing Alexander-Arnold, Rowley refused with his clenched fists.22:11

  • 51 ‘

    Alexander Arnold is still down to earth after an area discrepancy with Estupinan, nothing serious.22:09

  • 49 ‘

    Set by Alexander Arnold, Mane failed to control the ball.22:07

  • 48 ‘

    They were kept wet from torrential rain before the start of the race.22:06

  • 47 ‘

    Mane focuses, Luis Diaz starts from the left.22:05

  • 46 ‘

    Beginning of the second half of VILLARREAL-LIVERPOOL. It starts with a score of 2-0.22:04

  • 46 ‘

    Liverpool substitution: Luis Diaz enters the exits of Diogo Jota.22:04

  • Liverpool did not hit the goal during the first half of the match.22:04

  • Villarreal is ahead by two goals in the first half, at the moment it will go into overtime: the start of the sprint for the Spaniards, ahead at 3′ with Dia. At 41′ double Coquelin. Liverpool, suffering from the infernal pace of opponents, was not very decisive for the striker.21:52

  • 45′ + 2′

    The end of the first half: VILLARREAL-LIVERPOOL 2-0. In the goal, Dia and Coquelin.21:49

  • 45′

    The referee gives two minutes of recovery.21:46

  • 43 ‘

    Great ambiance at the Estadio de la Ceramica, incessant encouragement from the home crowd.21:45

  • 41 ‘

    Goal! Villareal 2-0 Liverpool! Coquelin Network. Capoue brushes the area, Coquelin stands out and beats Alison with his head.21:43

  • 40′

    Zia flashes, Konate is in the area catching the ball.21:42

  • 38 ‘

    Lo Celso remained on the floor after Alisson interfered, the match was interrupted. Villarreal protests.21:39

  • 37 ‘

    In contrast to the area between Lo Celso and Alisson leaving the goal, the referee signals to continue. 21:39

  • 36′

    Mane protects the ball, the aggressive Albiol commits a mistake to stop him.21:37

  • 34 ‘

    Parego’s soft cross from the trocar, intercepted Konate’s head ball.21:35

  • 32 ‘

    Free kick from Alexander-Arnold, Mane returns to the middle but did not shoot well, pushes Parejo wide.21:33

  • 30′

    The piece was set by Parejo, the ball collected by Alison.21:31

  • 28 ‘

    Trocar punishment on Villarreal, Fabinho extends Capoy. Failed joke.21:29

  • 26′

    Squeeze the hosts, and launch into the vacuum of Konaté.21:27

  • 23 ‘

    A dangerous act by Liverpool, interrupted by the referee for a mistake by Salah on Rowley for Rowley’s exit from the stands: first a remarkable recovery for Abiol on Diogo Jota.21:57

  • 21′

    Estupinan’s long entry throw, sweeps Van Dijk regardless of aesthetics.21:22

  • 19 ‘

    Mane was caught offside, and he did nothing for Liverpool.21:20

  • 17′

    Keita’s weak and harmless shot, the ball is down.21:18

  • 16′

    Header in the penalty area by Gerard Moreno, Robertson rejects.21:17

  • 14′

    Thiago with a shot from the edge slashed the crossbar, but the referee stopped the match due to a mistake by Keita.21:16

  • 12′

    Parejo shot with the left foot from the edge of the area, the wide ball.21:13

  • 10′

    Robertson’s set piece, touching Diogo Jota, rolls the ball down.21:11

  • 8′

    Villarreal remains in attack, Alexander-Arnold does not give space to Dia.21:09

  • 6′

    Liverpool’s reaction: Robertson’s cross and Salah is waiting for Estupinan.21:07

  • 3′

    Goal! Villareal 1-0 Liverpool! Bolay Zia network. Estopenan cross, Kabwe sends Dia: The striker expects Van Dijk and bags from inside the small area.21:06

  • 2′

    Diogo Jota starts in the center of the attack, and Mane is on the left.21:05

  • 1 ‘

    The first half of VILLARREAL-LIVERPOOL. The match will be managed by Dutch referee Makelele.21:01

  • Liverpool aims to reach the 10th European Cup/UEFA Champions League Final.20:12

  • Emery options: Gerard Moreno Dia, striker, Lo Celso starting from the right, Parego and Capoe in the middle. Foyth and Estupinan, quarterbacks. outside Danjuma.20:11

  • Klopp’s picks: A trident in attack with Salah, Mane and Diogo Jota. Luis Diaz on the bench. Fabinho directs, along with Thiago Alcantara and Keita.20:10

  • Liverpool bench: Luis Diaz, Origi, Tsimikas, Matip, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Elliott, Keeler, Henderson, Minamino, Jones, Milner, Gomez.20:09

  • VILLARREAL bench: Pena, Trigueros, Mario Gaspar, Pedraza, Moi Gomez, Aurier, Chukwueze, Iborra, Mandi, Jorgensen, Paco Alcacer, Asenjo.20:07

  • Liverpool lineup (4-3-3): Alisson – Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Van Dijk, Robertson – Keita, Fabihno, Thiago Alcantara – Salah, Diogo Jota, Mane.20:05

  • Villareal line-up (4-4-2): Rulli – Voith, Albiol, Pau Torres, Estupinan – Coquelin, Parejo, Capoy, Lucelso – Gerard Moreno, Dia.20:04

  • Villarreal – Liverpool is close to the start. Judgment times, in the first leg, the English won 2-0.20:03

  • Welcome to the live match of the Champions League semi-final, facing Villarreal and Liverpool.20:02

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Estadio de la Cerámica
    City: Villarreal
    Capacity: 23,500 spectators20:02

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