What are the most common mistakes to avoid digesting well in the evening and sleep in the best way, especially in the spring?

We all know that good sleep is essential to our health. Good rest, whether it is long hours or less, is critical to facing the day in the best possible way. Nutrition, physical activity and sleep. These three components should be taken care of, especially over the years. They probably won’t keep diseases away, but they will certainly allow us to deal with them better.

The head and the body should always go hand in hand. Hence, good sleep is essential for both of you. It cannot be unrestricted. He cannot support his head well if his body is not, and vice versa. In addition to daily stress affecting our sleep, proper nutrition also plays a role. For this reason, you have to pay close attention to what you eat for dinner, but not only. The time you eat your meal and the activity you do from class to going to bed are also important.

So let’s see some pointers that might allow for better sleep. First, let’s start with the foods to avoid at dinner. It’s not always possible, especially when you’re dining out. However, with a little attention, we can improve our nutrition to ensure a more restful sleep.

To avoid those dishes mainly heavy on digestion. Fried foods, first of all, are rich in fats which certainly do not aid digestion. Follow spicy foods immediately. These can also cause heartburn, as well as stimulate thirst.

You should also not eat red meat. In fact, it would slow down the digestion process, because it is difficult to get rid of it. Thus, if we really want to eat meat, it is better to choose white meat.

What are the most common mistakes to avoid digesting well in the evening and sleep in the best way, especially in the spring?

If possible, cheeses, whether fresh or aged, as well as mozzarella should also be avoided. Dairy products contain a lot of tyramine, an amino acid that by promoting the production of adrenaline, among other things, stimulates our nervous system, making our sleep disturbed.

And if we want to end dinner with dessert, and not really recommend it per se, it would be better to avoid doing so with dessert that contains chocolate. In fact, cocoa contains some exciting substances that, along with sugars, will affect our comfort. Especially for those who suffer from insomnia, they should stop taking it at least 4 or 5 hours before bed.

Can we drink the digestive system? Absolutely not, on the contrary. Being alcoholic, they increase the dose of sugar in the blood, which helps the growth of blood sugar that can cause unwelcome night awakenings.

This is about food. After that, it will be necessary to eat dinner at least three hours before bedtime. So avoid lying on the couch immediately after the meal. In fact, by doing so, digestion will immediately slow down. Instead, walking, even if it is short, for about ten minutes is better, which improves digestion.

Finally, it is best to avoid showering immediately after eating. This is because the body, when wet, will rise in body temperature and invite the body to pump more blood. By doing this, digestion will be significantly slowed down. Therefore, it is recommended to take a shower before dinner.

Here, then, are the most common mistakes that should be avoided in order to have a good digestion in the evening and, accordingly, a more restful sleep.


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