2022, Gigi Hadid is lopsided with Fedez… and Chiara Ferragni met?

one of videos to Gigi Hadid It’s a distant passion, repeated every time the rapper and model meet. This usually happens during Milan Fashionthis time it happened to dead Gala. The artist and his wife Chiara Ferragni He flew to New York for the most anticipated fashion event of the year. For the first time together on the red carpet of the evening he organized Anna WintourThe two made a great impression. The couple also seemed very close… but then Gigi arrived.

Hotel Ferragnez at the Met

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez at the Met Gala 2022
Chiara Ferragni and Fedez on the red carpet

Chiara Ferragni and Videz They were looking forward to their participation in dead Gala. at the invitation of Donatella Versaceapparently they were wearing clothes from the house (find here Recent days rumors about their looks). for theme night gilded lusterThe influencer chose a black dress from the brand’s 1997 couture collection, enriched with sparkling jewels in antique yellow gold. The singer, on the other hand, was very elegant with a three-piece tuxedo suit, as used in the 19th century, when the 2022 edition was inspired, with a gold mesh lapel. At her table, Donatella not only named Ferragnez, but is also dear to her heart: Gigi Hadid.

Gigi is burning

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez at the Met Gala 2022
Gigi Hadid costume

Gigi Hadid It is considered Donatella Versace Like the aunt, the two are super intimate and it’s no surprise that the designer wanted the supermodel in her stable for the occasion. with outfit Versace Burgundy, consisting of a tight-fitting cotton suit with a bust and a maxi jacket with a train, Hadid did not go unnoticed. During the ceremony, Gigi took off her bulky outerwear so that she could dance freely. At one point I spotted the top videos From behind, he started screaming. So he finally hugged him. He was videotaping and filming everything. The photos show Gigi’s joy and Federico’s embarrassment. what did he think Chiara Ferragni?


Chiara Ferragni and Fedez at the Met Gala 2022
Gigi and Fedez in 2018

curtains between videosAnd Gigi Hadid And Chiara Ferragni So they have been going on for years. He never concealed his interest in the American and harassed his wife several times. The first social snapshot dates back to 2018, with the rapper writing, “Sorry Gigi but I’m married.” It reached its climax in September 2021, when Viragni allowed herself to go on “I Swear You Make Me Want a Divorce”, tapping into a popular song by the artist. (I read here the details). The new episode of this unusual triangle aired on Monday, May 2 at dead Gala. But this time it was Hadid who took the lead. Peek at her breakout on the show for her interview with Fides.

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