Audi has auctioned this rare model for a ridiculous price

This vehicle will remain up for auction until May 14th. If you are interested, hurry up, because there are very few in the world. A piece that cannot be obtained at a cost.. ..let’s find out!

Unavailable car is up for auction – Motori.News

Initially from the eighties, The automotive industry, especially Sports and racing carsfound himself in Crossroads. With the continued development of proven cars, a front and rear wheel drive, The new platform Four-wheel drive Foot Obvious advantages. The permanent all-wheel drive system first appeared on the . model Quattro coupe based on Audi 80 In the 1980’s and soon identified Brand name.

Audi Sport 4 1984 A unique jewel in the world

Moreover, in those years, the rules of homogeneity FIA It has been modified, and manufacturers no longer need to build Racing car, Based on production models mass, but the opposite.

The Audi engineers So the task was to develop the car, Totally new, And off the previous charts. And they did so in complete secrecy. and they gave birth Audi Sport. With his short step from the well 32 cm, Between columns B and C, not only was the new car Significantly shorter than the standard ones that are found in showroom, But its steel monocoque structure, which Baur built off-site, also features several GRP e kevlar carbon plates, To reduce weight further. As such, there was very little in common with Audi series production.

Audi Sport 4 from 1984
Audi Sport 4 from 1984 –

The car offered for auction features a 5 cylinder engine With 306 horsepower in the road version and 450 horsepower in the race. Big Turbocharger KKK-K27 Rated at 17 psi (1.05 bar). However, the fourth sport It competes with 3.0 liter cars. Was able to pick up from Zero at 100 km only hours 4.8 seconds, Making it one of the fastest cars ever built, to use on way to launch.

The Four-piston brakes AP Racing, who they were ventilation and accommodation, It was also developed for Porsche 917EXCEPTIONALLY GUARANTEED stopping force when necessary. It is believed that only 164 samples From the road version of the Sport quattro, delivered to customers, by Specialized Dealers. Street models boast a braking force of 302 horses and a pair of 258 lbs But they were no less aggressive driving, Compared to their racing counterparts.

Features and price of this car

The Progress as a system ABS pick, Allow drivers to specifically design the car, for a variety of Road conditions. This sample is in the auction that See the picturein May 1984 by the Audi dealer Hans Kraft GmbH of Inglostadt, at the time The Federal Republic of Germany. wear one red paint Black inlay finish of bumper Door frames and rear spoiler “kicker”. Inside, the car is equipped with seats Gray leather.

Audi Sport quattro from 1984
Audi Sport quattro from 1984. Engine. news

With the design Very timeless combined with revolutionary handling characteristics, and performance characteristics, Any rare specimen Audi Sport quattro Very sought after. Attractive composition gray red This car only adds to the charm of what is surely one of the most desirable specimens Audi SportFour were never offered for auction, which is being offered today in Matching terms in bass mileage.

This is amazing Audi Sport quattro from 1984, Auctioned by, It has an indicative value price of 750 thousand euros per million euros. Bids can be submitted until May 14, 2022. Are you interested?

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