“He blocked me on WhatsApp and this is what his father did”

Lulu Selassie Reveals the ways in which Manuel Portozzo Will leave it after trying in GFVip. Since the day of the boy’s famous press release to Ansa, more and more details have emerged that fueled the gossip. Princess tells in an interview with ‘of’ weekly, Directed only Alfonso Signorini, His copy and background on the family of his now ex-boyfriend.

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Between Lulu Selassiè and Manuel Bortuzzo it ended abruptly after declarations of eternal love and important projects. Manuel had announced his farewell to the princess on April 25, and the girl decided to remove some pebbles from her shoes by pointing fingers, especially with Franco Portozo, Manuel’s father. Even the friends of the young man did not accept her. The 23-year-old even talked about the “brainwashing” that the swimmer would have had.

“Manuel did not give our love a chance, on the contrary, yesterday he even banned me on Whatsapp and first wrote to me:“ Ah, but then did you not understand that we broke up? “.But I am not in middle school, I think we can meet, look each other in the eyes and face each other. Manuel also made an ugly gesture, as if to signify that our love is of no value,” explained Lulu who did not succumb to the fact that he did not let go Personally:“ First: because the family told him not to. Second: the feeling is there, looking into our eyes, everything passes, we were to accept each other and put an end to the problems. We had to leave together, his birthday is coming soon, I prepared a surprise for him ».

“I was worried about the presence of Manuel’s father, and I didn’t feel comfortable at all. This place we were staying should have been our home. Instead, we were, how do we say, I’m “Mamita” and you. Maybe we’ve had intimate moments and he’ll arrive suddenly. Yes, it was awkward. I felt anguish … At last, before Easter, I went away, we met at my house or at the hotel. And in any case, the father continued to badger everything. Manuel was sorry, and also said to me, “We are looking for another house,” but the father is very intrusive in everything and everything. he is the cause. Had it not been for his father, Manuel and I, we would be together … Face to face with him, yes, I would like to love him, me and him alone, looking in each other’s eyes like two people who love each other and still love each other, even if they are not together anymore ».

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