Infinite Real Madrid, back to town: We’ve reached the Champions League final! Rodrygo and Benzema make Ancelotti have fun, Guardiola is at home | first page

Football and the Champions League version write another indelible page: The real madridwith a goal in the nineties and a 4-3 defeat in the first leg, Dramatically overturns his fate and that of Manchester City in less than 60 seconds, replacing the damage suffered by Mahrez with two superb goals from Rodrygo. and then BenzemaOn the fifth day from the first additional time he receives and transfers the penalty that matters Final 3-1 and sends meringue to the final of the seventeenth European Cup. In Paris, on May 28, they will play for their 14th victory over Liverpool, in a remake of the 1981 and 2018 finals.

After the first half of a great balance, in which Bernardo Silva and Foden had the best chances anyway (in both cases Courtois was saved), Real Madrid immediately hits the gas pedal at the start of the second half, and at the kick right from Blancos They send Vinicius in the door, which is lost under analogy. City regain control of the match and with one of their players coming off the bench, Gundogan, begins the restart from which the qualifying goal was born: The German opens a fast way to Bernardo Silva, who widens for Mahrez’s score, who mocked Courtois at a close position. Ancelotti’s team’s reaction is futile, and it was the English who touched the knockout blow with Cancelo and Grealish (the resounding rescue of Mendy’s streak) but when the situation appears to be in jeopardy, Rodrygo finds two amazing goals between the nineties and the nineties and the nineties which even resulted in elimination.

Five minutes from the start of extra time is enough for Real Madrid to complete the reversal: Ruben Dias enters the penalty area late for Benzema and Orsato concedes the penalty, which Benzema converts without hesitation. It is the 43rd goal in the largest number of seasonal matches, the 15th goal in this edition of the European Champions League and the tenth in the knockout stage, Equation of the record that belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo. Guardiola’s boys throw themselves forward, and at the end of the first overtime, they hit the prodigy Courtois, who removes Foden’s head from the door. It is the latest emotion in a very impressive match, which leads Ancelotti to the Champions League final for the fifth time in his career, and gives Real Madrid the chance to win the fourteenth title in its history.

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