Letizia di Spagna, the Mango dress that costs less than 50 euros

Letizia Spain She’s back at work after the long weekend of May 1st. The Queen attended the awards ceremony that bore her name in a stunning two-tone black and white dress mangowhich – which It costs less than 50 euros. To be exact, 49.99 euros.

So Leticia switched from Spain to Mérida to deliver Queen Letizia Awards 2021Established by the Royal House to promote those committed to developing awareness programs and activities in the field of disability and universal accessibility. La Reina is alone, her husband Philip is busy at Cotec Europa 2022. So, she can capture the whole scene doing it without delay wearing the perfect spring dress that we can get too.

Letizia di Spagna, the mango dress for everyone

After seeing her at Palazzo Zarzuela with a pink children’s coat for about 2,500 euros and a green suit that could only be worn with this class, Donna Letizia stunned us with her gorgeous Mango dress that belongs in the party and party collection. It is a two-tone dress, vertically divided into two halvesOne part is white, the other is black. The skirt is long to the legs but the shoulders are exposed, in fact the model is elongated. At the waist, Rina wears a high-rise black belt.

Among other things, what is surprising about the Letizia dress is the price. In fact, it is on sale for 49.99 euros. La Reina completes the look by invoking black and white in zebra print décolletéeFrom Magrit, her favorite shoe brand, for 2018 that doesn’t have the over-the-top heel. While the black single-handle bag is by Hugo Boss and has been in her wardrobe since 2015. As usual, Letizia wears a little bit of jewelry and it’s inconspicuous. This time she chose her star-shaped earrings studded with diamonds, signed by Chanel. While the hair is worn soft on the shoulders.

Rina’s appearance, which marks the real start of the hot season, is a success. It leaves everyone ecstatic, but above all easily replicable, given the garment’s accessibility. On the other hand, Letizia has in her wardrobe several models of low-cost brands, such as the gorgeous evening dress from H&M.

Letizia from Spain, diplomatic incident with the dress

The Mango dress is very popular and has already sold a lot. So much so that at the party, Spain’s Leticia wasn’t alone in enjoying the exclusivity. One of the winners, Inmaculada Vivas Tyson, wore the same dress. And when she stood up to receive the confession from the Queen, the two women burst out laughing They see themselves wearing the same model. The diplomatic incident passed.

Letizia Spain

Spanish Letizia in a mango dress

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