Mazzari Cagliari, it will be a separation, not an exemption: insults arise. the background

Walter Mazzarri could have been evicted and not exempted from the ownership of Cagliari: interesting background appears

Show sexy wallpaper at home Cagliari Regarding raising the position of first team coach to Walter Mazzarri: The Tuscan technician was not to be acquitted but expelled.

The difference between the two is significant: with a dismissal, the company is not required to pay one euro of salary to the coach, which is due in the event of an exemption. This question is likely to pass through legal channels, given that the contract was due to expire in 2024. But there is more: the farewell between the two parties was so stormy that Walter Mazzarri would have insulted both players after the last term. Recent defeats, using words like Worm’s dressing room as well as the president Tommaso Giulini In much heavier words. As reported by L’Unione Sarda, the separation between the coach from San Vincenzo and Cagliari took place in such a terrible stormy manner, that no thanks were expressed in the official statement even for the work done as usual.

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