The Federal Reserve raises interest rates by 50 basis points: the highest rise since 2000. Stock Exchange, Milan -1.4%, spread close to 200

New EU Sanctions: Oil and Gas is up and running

The announcement of new sanctions sent energy prices up. The President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyensuggest «A A complete ban on the import of Russian oilBy sea and via crude and refined pipelines. Crude oil will be phased out in six months, by the end of the year for refined products. Sberbank is also proposed to exit the Swift system. The president said that Europe is working on specializing help plan for Ukraine. Oil prices took an upward trajectory after the announcement, and also rose gas price Which represents +7.6% to 107 euros per megawatt-hour.

In Piazza Afari in light A2a you are building on Cnh Industrial

In Europe and on the Milan list is still alive Corporate financial data season In Piazza Afari, looking at the stock, you realize on Cnh Industrial after rising on the eve of the accounts. Also in the red was Ferrari, which changed direction several times during the session and exacerbated with the publication of first-quarter results of 2022: the quarter closed with growth figures in terms of revenue and profit, exceeding analyst expectations and guidance for 2022 was confirmed.

BTP/Bund spread trend

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The spread is close to 200 points, with an average of 10 years at the top since the end of 2018

Sales session for the entire fixed income sector traded on the electronic secondary Mts. In the second part of the day, the downtrend in prices was confirmed with the spread of the BTp Bund which widened more compared to the first indicators. In the end, the yield differential between the Italian 10-year benchmark and the same German maturity was noted at 198 points from 193 points this morning (190 points on the eve of the final). Lower prices led to a further increase in returns. Ultimately, the Italian 10-year yield is 2.97% from 2.95% from start-up (2.86% from close overnight) to maxed out since December 2018.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro is worth $1.0559 (down from $1.0539 yesterday) and 137.24 yen (137.00), when the dollar is trading at 129.95 yen (129.97). As mentioned, the price of oil continues: the contract for July Brent crude delivery is up 3.63% to $108.78 per barrel and the June contract for West Texas Intermediate crude is up 3.73% at $106.23.

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