There’s news on the way, according to Colin Moriarty –

There may be news soon above blood borneAs reported by the reporter and from the inside Colin Moriarty During the podcast titled Sacred Icons, he hinted that Sony would somehow relaunch the brand with a relaunch or follow up.

To tell the truth, the mention of Moriarty in the series is very vague, but that is enough to fuel rumors that have been circulating for years about the possibility of this happening. Bloodborne 2 or remake From the first chapter, which many see as possible especially now that BluePoint has joined PlayStation Studios.

“You haven’t seen all the Bloodborne clips yetI will tell you this,” Moriarty said in the course of the podcast, which, however, was not followed by any in-depth analysis, so it remains open to many interpretations. The reason for taking it into account is that Moriarty has in the past proven to be quite reliable with his information, as in the case of previews On Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and the Remaking of Demon’s Souls.

It remains to understand what the reporter means by this statement, which simply means that the franchise is not considered closed. Bloodborne 2 is developed by FromSoftware Possibly, even if the team appears to be already busy with other projects after the huge success of Elden Ring, but given the previous projects and Sony’s modus operandi, Bloodborne’s remake for PS5, possibly with a PC output, has been tasked with Blue Dot. Either way, we’ll follow up, although it may take a while before we know anything.

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