Allegri press conference ahead of Genoa and Juventus

The coach: “Three months ago we were very far from fourth, we did well.” And on Real Madrid’s achievement: “Carlo is not a fashion coach, but fashion passes, the classics remain.”

From our correspondent, Valerio Clary

The minimal goal was achieved by avoiding excessive heart tests, the goal remaining in the league (third place) is moving a bit, and the prospect of winning the Coppa Italia on Wednesday carries with it ideas and prudence. Max Allegri declared, however, that the concessions would not be too many, given the numerous absences as well: “We must try to score as many points as possible, we have reached the minimum goal of qualifying for the Champions League and we need to prepare for the Coppa Italia final.. in six Days. But the best training will go to the field. And now we’re freed from the mental burden of getting to fourth.” There are two sure absences, as well as long-term patients: Danilo who is resting because he played with plantar fasciitis and Pellegrini who has a sprained ankle. A player, like Di Sciglio, will return ineligible in the Coppa Italia, while young Meretti will be confirmed in midfield and Vlahovic must be the starter of the attack.


The Allegri conference on the pitch comes less than twelve hours after Real Madrid accomplished at the Bernabéu, so the distance between that football and La Liga is the subject: “Yesterday the technical and physical level was very high to deliver a great match. Real Madrid showed that the matches are endless. And that the mental aspect can make a difference.In recent years, there are six teams in Europe that clearly outperform all the others: Real, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool.But realizing the reality is easier to do.The truth is that The Champions League at the moment is a very difficult competition for us to win, but I always say that nothing is impossible, because at the beginning we do not have to put “limiters”.


Allegri returned to the Madrid match to give two praises: “To Orsato, the best Italian referee and obviously to Carlo. Ancelotti is not a fashion coach, but fashion passes but the classics remain, and Carlo as well. From him there is only learning: you have to ask him about things.” Two goals came from Rodrygo, the 21-year-old: “If the youngsters are good they play, but I want to see the stats, I don’t think they play more abroad than they play in Italy. In this sense, Juventus are the favorites in Italy, because They have an under-23 team. I have to congratulate Zhaoli who is making his way to the playoffs. Youngsters play against experienced players and in real matches: that’s how you grow.” A step forward is also expected from Vlahovic: “I am very happy with what Doosan is doing, I did not expect him to enter the team well by entering the current tournament.”

balance sheets

Then the Coppa Italia and the balance sheets go up: “The Coppa Italia final doesn’t change anything in the judgment of the season, but it does move because you can bring the cup home, and on top of a fantastic crowd frame. We are all looking forward to an evening like this.” In the championship it is possible to reach 78 points, Pirlo shares: “Three months ago we were very far from fourth, after which we no longer had a margin for error, and we were good at reaching the minimum goal soon.”

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