Another fact, reviews the last episode May 10, 2022

finished in Channel 5 serial Another fact. here you are progress And conspiracies from The third and final episodethat we will see Tuesday 10 May 2022 Peak time:

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The investigation into the murder case is continuing. Audrey discovers that it was Marianne, Frank’s wife, who tried to run over her. For information, Anna meets a man who is contacted on the same application in which her friend Madeleine registered.

Meanwhile, Jean, suspicious of his wife Audrey’s mysterious past, manages to track down his parents: she’s always told him that they died in a car accident. Pauline and Liu find a link between two former Itsa victims.

On the night of the attack, Madeleine had gone to change Anna’s house before joining Patchi. There he makes a shocking discovery: he finds the clothes and photos of the victims of the serial killer. Mikel should just kill her. But before she can get the necklace back, Patchi arrives and tries to save Madeleine.

Watch Witness to the scene: Frank. When Mikel discovered the dating site app on Anna’s cell phone, a heated argument erupted…

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