At least three dead and several wounded

Two of the injured are in serious condition. Checkpoints along the city’s main streets, about 15 kilometers east of Tel Aviv, police helicopters fly over.

In view of the Israeli Independence Day and Martyrs’ Day, which is celebrated the previous day, the Israeli army announced the closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, except for humanitarian, medical and exceptional cases.

Hamas celebrates the attack on Elad: a “heroic operation” –

The Palestinian Hamas movement celebrated the attack on Elad, describing it as a “heroic operation of high quality.” In a statement, Times of Israel We also read that “the terrorist attack on El-Ad is a response to our people’s anger at the occupier’s attack on our holy sites.”

American condemnation –

“We strongly condemn the latest link in the series of horrific terrorist attacks that recently rocked Israel,” he added. The US State Department spokesman, Ned Price, said in a press briefing regarding the news of an attack on Elad in central Israel. “We reaffirm our support for Israel’s ally and its security,” a foreign ministry spokesman said.

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