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Friends of 21 PM 2022 Semi-Finals: Challenges and Polling, Will Serena Take More Risk Than Dario?

Saturday, May 7, during the penultimate episode of friends 21, the names of the finalists will be revealed. Besides Cissy, Michelle and Luigi, who will snatch the much-coveted Final Match ticket? They will compete for everything Alex, Serena, Dario and Alp. Polls and opinions have started on social media, and if among the singers, the one who takes first place to win the final is Alex, among the ballerina, the choice seems more difficult. Since entering school, Serena has grown a lot, managing to measure herself even with different styles. On the other hand, Dario showed that he is talented and can grow more.

On social media, having to choose between Serena and Dario, there are those who think it’s best to give Dario a chance as well for a more equal challenge in the final with Michelle. On the other hand, there are those who consider it fair to give Serena the opportunity to play everything in the final. Who then will be among the finalists? (Updated by Stella Dependetto).

Amici 21 pm 2022, semi-finals: Challenges and polls, Albee and Dario at risk for betting

When there are a few hours left until the Amici 21 semi-final, scheduled for May 7, 2022, airs on Canale 5, Albe and Dario are being flagged as potential players one step closer to the show’s final. Who is referring to them as such? Bookmakers Sisal, Sene, Plantuine with average odds betting on the winner’s name in Amici 21 show that the contenders at risk of being eliminated in the talent semi-finals are Dario Chiron and Alp (Alberto La Malva), respectively penultimate and last in the talent standings who They compete for the final prize. The reason singer Albee and dancer Dario assert themselves that they are semi-finalists, and therefore not the finalists of Amici 21 (Update by Serena Granato).

Amici 21 p.m. 2022, Semi-finals: Challenges and polls, Cissy, Michelle and Luigi are the top three contestants

Here we are, before the show Amici semi-finals 21scheduled for May 7, 2022 on Canale 5 and announced by the relative TV previews provided by Amici News that on the occasion of the TV event – among the contenders in the nomination for the final prize – a decree will be issued The five finalists for talent Of which 3 are during qualifying and two are by final ballot among the four remaining contenders in the race.

The semi-finals of the Amici 2022 consists of 3 competing races, at the end of each of which the winner and therefore the finalist is announced. The first singing wave begins with Sissi (Silvia Cesana):

  • Sissy vs. Luigi, Sissy wins;
  • Cissy vs Luigi wins;
  • Alex vs. Albee, Alex wins;
  • Alex vs Sissy, Sissy wins.

Vince Cisse, who became the first e . finalist second dance heat The 2022 Amici Championship starts with Michel Esposito:

  • Michel vs Dario, Michel wins;
  • Michelle vs. Serena, Serena wins;
  • Michel vs Dario Gauntlet, Michel wins.

Vince Michel, who became the second finalist at the Amici 2022 and in The third round of singing The singers are back and this time Luigi starts:

  • Luigi vs. Alex, Alex wins;
  • Luigi vs. Alex, Luigi wins;
  • Luigi vs. Albe gauntlet, Albe wins;
  • Luigi vs. Albi, Luigi wins.

Feedback on the 3 finalists and the final poll for 2 finalists from Amici 21: Predictions

Vince Luigi, who became the third finalist. to finish at Final poll For Decree of the Last Finalists and Final Elimination of Amici 21, I’m a Pop Singer and Songwriter Alex (Alessandro Reina), Pop singer and songwriter Albee (Alberto La Malva), The modern dancer’s girlfriend Serena Karella And the modern dancer Dario Sherwin. Meanwhile, controversy escalates on the web as netizens see themselves jostling for the failure to order Alex among the first 3 Amici 21 finalists, along with contest messages screaming proclaimed flop in the semi-final and final rankings of talent – to eliminate columns Supporting singing and dancing, singer-songwriter origin from Naples, LDAThe Latin is of Adrano. Nunzio Stancampiano.

Following the betting odds indicated in Snai, Sisal and Planetwin – about the winning candidate for the Amici 2022 – it is possible to identify some Predictions for the third and fourth finalists and the elimination of the two in the final ballot from the semi-finals. On betting sites, Alex (singing category) is flagged as the 2nd favorite and Serena (dancing category) as the 5th candidate, for talent wins, matching the other three finalists Cissy, Michelle and Luigi, so they can confirm themselves among the 5 finalists On the ninth night of Amici 21, at the expense of Dario and Alps they are likely to be eliminated. It is clear that only the broadcast of the semi-finals of Amici 21 will be able to confirm or disavow TV previews and predictions of Il Marco Mingoni is the official guest of the 8th evening, the date is May 7, 2022.

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