Halo Infinite dropped out of Twitch’s Top 100 right after the launch of Season 2 – Nerd4.life

infinite aura is over One of the top 100 sites on Twitch The day after the launch season 2: A decidedly indifferent shooter score developed by 343 Industries.

Although Halo Infinite is back in the top ten of the most played games on Xbox by hair, it seems that the free-to-play multiplayer segment hasn’t got users excited again, at least not at all. Twitch.

Forbes reporter Paul Tassi wrote, “Halo Infinite out of 10 on Twitch the day after Season 2 launches?” “I realized it wouldn’t be as successful as It is an electronic game or braveBut that’s too much.”

As we’ve already had the chance to write, the launch of Halo Infinite Season 2 isn’t a simple test of the game, bent on reclaiming Earth after a very impressive debut.

What was missing were the contents and, in general, a file Post launch support Which is usually expected of a live service, and especially of this importance: neglect of such a central aspect can be fatal to the future of the project.

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