In the “Maurizio Costanzo Show” between Moghini and Sgarbi he ended up being insulted and pushed.

It was Mugeni, after an insult, who got up and turned toward my sapphire, who, to his surprise with a thrust, backed away, so as to risk hitting his head against a board that was behind him. He did nothing but raise the tone even more with Sarabbi who woke up angry and began to violently insult the journalist, calling him violent and asking Costanzo to drive him away. At that point you also enter


Who rose to try to calm my little ones.

Between the two, this isn’t the first time the quarrel has taken on a brawling tone. It has already happened in


when both are my guests”

Italy tonight

“It almost hits, separated in time by the conductor

Giuseppe Brindisi

and photographer. This time everything happened too quickly to avoid physical contact. But at the end of the episode, things calmed down.

Maurizio Costanzo

He called the two of them to conclude with a smile. Moghini responded by saying “don’t remember anything that has happened”, and instead Sarabbi expressed words of appreciation to Moghini “as a scholar and a collector”, stressing that “peace between Russia and Ukraine is difficult if finding it between two people is very complicated”. Despite some differences of opinion, at Costanzo’s insistence, the two finished sending by exchanging a peace sign.

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