The European Union is preparing to put pressure on Putin’s lover: what is happening now

Europe is pressing Russian President Vladimir Putin The goal is to stop the attacks in Ukraine and prevent it from spreading the conflict to other regions. While the sixth package of sanctions was announced Ursula von der Leyencurrently at the Council table awaiting approval, the European Union has now shifted its focus to Alina KabaevaShe is the historical girlfriend and lover of Vladimir Putin. The woman, who appears to have taken refuge in Switzerland at the beginning of this war, has already been seen in Russia in recent days and may not have left the country at all. Now, Alina Kabaeva is included in the blacklist of the next package and if this is approved, the woman will become part of a list of already more than 1,000 people, to which it was proposed to add the Patriarch of Russia. Kirill Orthodox Church.

The 39-year-old former Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics will be the mother of at least three of the Kaiser’s children, and if the document prepared by Brussels manages to gain unanimous approval from the Council, Kabaeva will be banned from entering the member states of the European Union and asset freeze. This is not the first time that the hypothesis of imposing sanctions on the Russian Olympic champion has appeared to turn out to be true. A few weeks ago, the United States appeared ready to impose sanctions on it because it suspected, among other things, of having a key role in the secret management of Putin’s assets abroad.

However, the proposal was not passed in Washington, because it had been blocked before National Security Council Fearing that any action against a person very close to the heart of the Russian tsar could mark a point of no return and lead to a disproportionate reaction from the Kremlin leader. A fear which, however, does not seem to concern Europe, so much so that the Commission wishes to punish it for the central role it has played and is playing in the propaganda campaign of the Moscow government. Together with her, three more people have been proposed to be included in the EU blacklist, all of whom are accused of an important role in Russian propaganda.

tomorrow morning corriberThe Committee of Permanent Representatives of Member States convened to return to discuss the package, which also provides for a ban on oil imports from Russia into the European Union, effective within six months for crude oil and by the end of the year for refined products.

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