The symptoms of hemorrhoids may seem simple but we must be careful because these cases may be alarm bells for some diseases

There are some symptoms that we should watch for every day. In fact, if our main goal is to protect our health, this is definitely a great place to start. Taking care of your body means listening to it, paying attention to every signal, and above all keeping yourself informed. In this way, it will certainly be easier to explain what we have observed to a trusted doctor. Surely we will be able to present ourselves in front of an expert with more awareness, and explain what we have observed more easily.

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Certainly one of the most common symptoms that can affect many of us has to do with the irregularity of our intestines, whether it is obvious or not. Indeed, in this case, by focusing on cell modifications, we can certainly note some dysfunctions that should not always be underestimated.

We point out problems or anomalies in the act of defecation, which we should note if they should be repeated over time. In some cases, these are fleeting moments, which obviously can happen to everyone and you don’t have to worry about them. However, in other cases, the symptoms that need to be taken into account may be partial.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids may seem simple but we must be careful because these cases may be alarm bells for some diseases

As Humanitas experts have explained, cell changes can be common and do not necessarily indicate a serious or important problem for our health. For example, if we experience some form of non-prolonged constipation, we can also associate it all with stress.

However, in other cases, changes in the cell can be in the list of symptoms of some diseases. Getting to know them can certainly be more than helpful in many cases. In particular, prolonged diarrhea should not be underestimated. Especially if we notice blood that may seem symptoms of simple hemorrhoids but in other cases it can actually be a warning.

For example, when we notice a prolonged change in the above symptoms, we may experience diverticulitis. So, in the list there will also be intestinal polyps.

Of course, noticing blood in the stool or persistent and prolonged diarrhea does not necessarily lead to thinking about these diseases. Since we find it among the possible symptoms of various diseases, consulting our trusted doctor will be the only safe and sure measure to take.


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