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Michel (EU): The European Marshall Plan kicks off in Warsaw

The donor conference, scheduled for today in Warsaw, should be the “starting point for the European Marshall PlanUkraine. This is exactly what we have to do, and we have to send a strong signal that we will support Ukraine as much as possible.” This was stated by the President of the Council of the European Union Charles Michelle In an interview with Interfax Ukraine.

Michel compares the current situation to the case of “the last century, when people of far-sightedness decided to invest in the reconstruction of the European continent after the Second World War.” “Now, in this century – he says – the war against Ukraine is a human tragedy, which means that distant leaders must stand up today and give a signal that we will be brave and resolute to support Ukraine not only with words – not enough – we need decisions, we need money, We need strong coordination, we need political will.”

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European Council President Charles (EPA / DUMITRU DORU)

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