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Felix”xQc“Lengyel, one of the most famous music banners in TwitchHe admitted in a recent live broadcast that he got it I lost two million dollars with gambling. Apparently, the news spread on the Internet, and after reading it, the father called his son on the phone to give a lecture to him, all during the live broadcast.

During an podcast with Pokimane, another popular content creator on the purple platform, xQc admitted that he’s serious addiction problems from gambling.

“Yeah, I’m addicted. I lost $2 million… $1.85 million this month,” the broadcast admitted, adding that fortunately he can stand it (according to a leak he has earned $8 million since 2019 from Twitch). “I have one of the biggest, most crazy addictive personalities. I’m addicted to everything I do… I keep doing. Is that a good thing? No, it’s horrible. It’s a disease. But you know what, I can take it. That I get sick. I’m lucky.”


Inevitably, the story was all about the web and streamer fatherUnaware of the loss, after reading an article on Dexerto, he decides to call his son, just as he was living.

xQc answered the phone starting with “How are you?” And the father, at first angry but also very worried, replied, “What do you mean, how are you? Dexerto?” Referring to reading the article.

“Stop,” xQc replies. “Stop, yeah, I lost money yesterday. I lose money sometimes. It happens.”

“You are my child!” , replies the father, before continuing the conversation in French, evidently immortalized by the Twitch syllable, and asks his son about his condition and whether he should be concerned. The man claims he was about to fly to Los Angeles after reading the article out of concern and because he loves it. In response, xQc reassured his father, advised him not to believe everything he was reading online, and hung up shortly after. Since then, the operator has not mentioned the story in the live broadcast.

This isn’t the first time xQc has admitted to having problems with gambling. He also revealed it last summer when he announced that he would no longer advertise casinos and websites specialized in this field.

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