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For Barbara Dorso, that was certainly not an end to remember. Unfortunately, the news of these hours was greeted with sadness by his fans

On the evening of Tuesday, May 3, the final of this edition of de . was shown “Babes and Nerds”. At the end of a long journey in which the contestants tried to calm down some aspects of their personalities, the victory went to the couple who formed them Maria Laura de Vitesse and Eduardo Petti. Behind them was the duo, defeated in the last test, consisting of Aimee Bono and Alessandro de Meo.

Barbara Dorso (web source)

The winners received a prize money of twenty thousand euros. Maria and Eduardo managed to overcome the opponents in the so-called “Culture Bath”. For them it was an unexpected success, even if the whole episode was full of ups and downs.

Among the various episodes that marked the evening, Luigi Mario Fabulous’s Marriage Proposal stands out. The latter asked for his girlfriend’s hand in front of all the viewers of his program dorso. Elena Morali could not help but say the fateful “yes”, which unleashed shrieked applause from those present in the studio.

Barbara Dorso, no one expected such an ending

Perhaps luck has not been on Barbarella’s side lately. even if Listen Leaders did not particularly dream Mediaset Indeed, it must be said that the famous TV presenter was called up to take on a very difficult challenge. On the occasion of the final on May 3, for example, the D’Urso program had to compete against the second leg of the Champions League between Villarreal and Liverpool It is broadcast on channel 5 frequencies.

“Babes and Nerds” He received the approval of one million two hundred and fifty thousand people, a number equivalent to 9.8% Share. Unfortunately, it was not possible to remember the conclusion because it did not even reach the 10% threshold. However, the match between the two important European clubs was expected to attract the attention of a large segment of the public.

Barbara Dorso (web source)

there Champions League Challengewhich the English team won for the record 2 to 3, followed by nearly four million three hundred thousand viewers, with a percentage of 20% and average barely touching 15%. As if that weren’t enough, Carlo Conte and Drusilla Foer also performed better than Barbara at the awards show. David de Donatello. Although we can’t speak for great reviews, the Tuscan showman still brought home a 14.7%.

Obviously, the defeat “mistakes” in terms of ratings should not be attributed to D’Urso. The presenter has already done a great job from several points of view, which is why she may receive one soon new offer From the upper floors of the Mediaset.

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