Don Matteo 13, Previews Episode VII May 17, 2022

Don Matteo / Maurizio Lustrico

Don Matteo / Maurizio Lustrico

here you are progress And conspiracies Seventh episode of the novel Don Matteo 13On air Tuesday 17 May early evening above Rai 1. Seventh episode titled Others’ flaws.

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Now that her relationship with Marco is out into the public domain, Valentina is happy to plan outings and adventures with her new boyfriend. However, there is an important age difference between the two: Nardi tries not to notice, but actually struggles to keep up with Valentina and talks about her with Anna who, despite playing her friend, can take advantage of the situation to her advantage.

Colonel Lucio Valente returns to Anna with an unexpected and uneasy proposal.

It looks like Federico and Greta are finally happy!

Marshal Chikenny thinks he brings bad luck to anyone he meets and seems very sad…

(Thursday May 12th Don Mateo is not broadcast due to the Eurovision Song Contest)

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