F1 Miami, Sainz beheaded while walking on the track

Small setback for Carlos Sainz in Miami F1 GP: The Spanish Ferrari driver hit his head while returning to the pit lane from a side slit

After the excellent second and third places at the start of the Formula 1 World Championship in Sakhir and Jeddah with Ferrari, Melbourne and Imola turned out to be unlucky races for Carlos Sainz. And the Miami race, for the Spaniard, was not a great start. In the past few hours, a video and photo of Carlos with a small wound to his forehead was posted on Twitter, after he violently hit his head against a rectangular metal structure, as he was about to enter the parking lane side lane. .

bad luck sainz

As he was heard in the video, many fans screamed in surprise after he was hit. I stunned you like Carlos as soon as he entered the pit corridor, while there was little blood spurting from his forehead. Despite the injury, the ex-McLaren was able to celebrate the Champions League final that Real Madrid won against Manchester City: watched a portion of regular time in the mobile home alongside Charles Leclerc, only to discover, while he signed an autograph for a Ferrari fan, a goal Karim Benzema final in overtime.

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