Famous Island: Gwendolyn upset ‘wanted to hit me’…

On Celebrity Island, people keep talking about the fight between Gwendalina Tavasi and Laura Madaloni. Gwendolyn goes back to the facts by adding a lot of detail, but her account and that of her opponent do not match.

Gwendalina Tavasi He added details of the confrontation he had with him Laura Madaloni And Clemente Russo to Famous Island:

Get close to my face. Then she got up and, worse yet, fell under my back. These things scare me and I don’t like them at all. The one who comes under me and the other shouts, “This is a war, with or without me.” Do I have to keep these people good?!

In short, for Gwendolyn, it would be obvious Laura Madaloni You’ll be one step closer to hitting it. Moreover, it seems that the drowning couple with her husband were going to release a curse:

She got up from anger and entered me and she wants to raise her hands. Screaming, he told me, “I che vivare,” he cursed the people alive.

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07.30 Famous Island: Gwendolyn is upset, & # 8220;  He wanted to hit me & # 8221;  & # 8230;
So tavasi he added:

These guys are a very bad thing. Then I realized that she cursed me. So I went into the water with Clemente and they said to each other ‘I said to the world and those who are alive, what do we say now? What could it be? What do we invent?’. Then they changed and made up that she came to me to say something in my ear. Do you understand the seriousness of this situation? Hmm They always change reality.

Issuance Laura Madaloni But this does not match. wife Clemente Russo During the moment of confrontation with Laurie Del Santo He had his say in the competition Gwendalina Tavasi:

“I am afraid of judoka because she is a judoka and she fights and she is aggressive because she does this for a living and she can hit me,” she said. This is no longer a game, it goes further than that. Go this nonsense and tell them to others. What game do they want to play? Yes he said he is afraid of me because I am a judoka. There is no joke in these things and they are nonsense.

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