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The program, conducted by Laura Pozzi, deals with health and medical issues, inviting doctors and specialists into their offices. There is talk about diseases but also about prevention and curative innovations

As Alberto Arbasino suggested, an occasional trip to Chiasso is useful to you. my kiaso there RSI, Swiss TV Italian Language. If you don’t get it right on your TV, you can always go for it On site and select some programs. Almost by accident, I ended up in a medical program because the presentation claimed this: le Cardiovascular disease I am there The main cause of death at a woman, But in the collective imagination, it’s men who have a heart attack. TRUE. In opening interviews, some men claimed, in Ticino accent, that they had never heard of a woman who had died of a heart attack. After the introduction I’m talking about “how are you?”a program by Leila Galveti, Riccardo Silvestri and Chris Guidotti, now proposed in a shorter volume and divided into topics.

As a rule, the program is implemented by Laura Pozzi He deals with health and medical issues by inviting doctors and specialists to the office. We are talking about diseases but also to forbid Based on therapeutic noveltyAnd. It was days “check up” Biagio Agnes that I have not watched a medical program. the reason? Like many viewers, I’m convinced they’re talking about me, this symptoms They only describe it as the ones I tried the night before. there is nothing to do, worshipers Of these programs are the people hypochondriacFrom delusional patients, from people care about their healthKeen on information and reassurance. and for this medical It is one of the most popular types of series. “how are you?” It is, in fact, very reassuring: it is appropriate that the doctors in charge of Lugano Cardiocentro say, use encouraging words. There is a phrase that shocked me very much: “a woman They pay more importance for her husband’s illness And from children Nor They are thinking of healing themselves
“Maybe that is why we are only talking about Male heart attacks.

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