It is forbidden to wear underwear and personal jewelry on the skin

From now on, Formula One drivers are prohibited from using designer or personalized underwear, as well as metallic objects that come into contact with the skin. the reason? Reduce the risk of burns and facilitate rescue in the event of an accident

Luigi Berna

– Milan

No more designer brand underwear in F1. Lewis Hamilton and his teammates will have to get over it. Since the Miami GP, the FIA ​​has imposed stricter controls on safety clothing for drivers, who must wear “gloves, long underwear, masks, stockings and boots approved in accordance with the standards required by the FIA ​​and are fire-resistant”. No exceptions will be allowed for even the most superstitious people, like Antonio Giovinazzi, who told him when he raced in Formula 1 that he always uses the same underwear at races, one pair for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday. The only exception will be given “for justified medical reasons”, but in this case the pilots will have to wear underwear, let’s call it over their own clothes, and in any case “the use of synthetic clothing in contact with the skin will not be permitted”.

Suspicion of f1

The riders greeted the news with skepticism, mischievous smiles and some stinging jokes when the commissioners first announced it at the pre-Australian Grand Prix meeting. But, from now on, it will be the law. Do you like it or not. Depriving us of unforgettable moments like the one abandoned by David Valseschi in 2012, when he was a reserve driver for Lotus and suddenly found himself having to replace Kimi Raikkonen in Barcelona tests, due to indigestion (official version…) of the Finn. The Como-born admitted frankly: “I did not bring wide boxers to the ring, those who annoyed me, so I drove without …”.

f1 and safety

But if those of the FIA ​​suddenly become so religious that they invade even the private realm of drivers, there is a specific reason. The measure, stipulated in Article 31.1 of the Sports Regulations, reduces the risk of serious burns in the event of a car fire, a topic that came back to the fore in 2020 after the accident in Bahrain in which Haas suffered Romain Grosjean. involved. It caught fire in a collision with a guard rail. The French driver survived the stake, but seriously burned his hands and ankles, an episode that brought attention to the problem. For years, no fires were seen in Formula 1, thanks to the increasingly powerful single-seater design, and the danger of watching dramas like the one Niki Lauda suffered at the Nürburgring in 1976 seemed once and for all averted. Instead, the alarm bell rang again.

Gems banned in F1

In the viewfinder is not just finished … underwear. From this race, in fact, pilots will also be prohibited from wearing necklaces, jewelry, and metal objects of any kind under overalls and helmets. Rings and eyelets are also bandits. Could the judges have thought of the flashy, rapper-style gold chains that Hamilton often wore in the ring? Metal contact with the skin increases the risk of burns, as a result of heat conduction, and the presence of necklaces or other jewelry “could delay doctors’ rescue operations, diagnosis, or any treatments that would need to be performed later, as well as to create an obstacle to removing the helmet and other technical equipment in the event of an accident.” “. Who knows if Sebastian Vettel will be able to keep the San Sestoforo medal that he always wore in his right shoe. In the document, signed by race director Nils Wittish, surprise checks were also announced. For those drivers who once admitted to peeing inside the cockpit, when he ran away during the race, it would be very embarrassing …

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