Joy, tears and a new record

Technical Roma Jose Mourinho Talk to the press mics right after the final whistle of the semi-final return Conference League against the Lister The match ended 1-0 for the Georgian thanks to the net at the start Tammy Abraham.

The special one In addition to setting another great record in his career as a coach, he is raising the bar for the group, the environment of the Giallorossi and all the players who have reached this great feat.

Mourinho and Roma Leicester: “This is a family victory”

there Rome Reached the final of a European competition for the first time since then 1990/91 UEFA Cup when he was in the semi-finals eliminated Brondby who was the gatekeeper Peter Schmeichel father of the current goalkeeper Lister . In the double final match, the team coached by Ottavio Bianchi defeated Inter .

Jose Mourinho vividly tested after a very intense race, celebrates the success of the team and the group all on microphones Sky Sports:

“This is a family victory, both on the pitch and in the stands. I think this union and the feeling of family has given us a helping hand to play a beautiful game. There will be someone who will say more, but if your goalkeeper scores two goals in 180 minutes in the cup semi-final against a team of Premier League, it means we’ve done something great. The players deserve it, but there are still three games in Serie A. We lost points in the tournament, but now we go to the final and we want to win it.”

Mourinho He also makes room for a purely tactical consideration:

“We are a team that risks pressing, but we can’t do it in 90 minutes. We cut the block, change with 3-5-1-1, without Mkhitaryan It was hard to get the ball, but Zaniolo And Ibrahim They did a great job.”

Roma – Leicester, Mourinho on Abraham: “I refuse to talk about him, he can do more”

Tammy Abraham He scored nine goals in UEFA Conference League . The only English players to score more in a season in major European competitions (excluding qualifiers) were Alan Shearer (11 inch 2004/05 UEFA Cup ) And Stan Bulls (11 inch European Cup 1976/77 ).

Despite the goal and great performance, he is special one He doesn’t lower the tension with his player by joking (but who knows how much) that he doesn’t want to talk much about it because he knows he can do better:

“Ibrahim knows, I don’t want to praise him because he is able to do more, he has the ability to do better. The availability should always be available, I want more from someone like him, he should not do it that way only against Lazio or in the big competitions. And he also presented My dear friend, Carlito Ancelotti, gave me a great gift with Real, let’s go to the final and win.”

Conference League, another record in the career of Special One

Jose Mourinho Not only did he reach a great milestone for Rome But it adds an impressive track record to his already glorified coaching career. The special one In fact, he is now officially the only coach in the history of football To reach a European final with four different teams.

Mourinho I actually made it to the final European Cup with the harbor (Then he won the final 3-2 with Celtic ) from Champions League (He also won monk ), and again that heroes with l ‘inter In the 2010 year of the historian Triplets .

After that, he special one as he wins European League with the Manchester United from Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2-0 vs Ajax in 2017).

Thus, four out of four, and then, Roma fans can cross their fingers, also believing that Inter Triplete began to form exactly 12 years ago: on May 5, 2010, Inter won the Italian Cup. Where and against whom? At the Olympics, against Rome…


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