Mortgage, flat rate rises more than 2%: impact on premium and case-by-case simulation

Mortgage rates are on the rise

The wake-up call to the housing market comes from rising mortgage rates. Last month, fixed-rate loans rose half a point, while the average increased by 120 cents from a year ago. As for the variable rate, on the other hand, a very limited increase of about 20 cents compared to the beginning of the year and compared to last year. To determine this position above all the direction of reference standards for mortgages. Eurirs (fixed rates) have risen to 1.80% at the end of April for twenty years; The 30-year coefficient is at 1.50%, while the Euribor (variable rates) index is still in negative territory, around -0.50%. Banks continue to apply lower spreads to fixed loans, partly limiting the consequences of the rise. Here’s what you need to know.

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