Reactions to messages arrive on WhatsApp: here’s how it works

It hasn’t been released yet, but given the announcement, it won’t take long. In the same hours that he met Prime Minister Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi, Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook that reactions to messages on WhatsApp were about to arrive: “WhatsApp reactions coming out today!”. The ad follows all the emojis that will be available, from the now classic thumbs up to the crying man. At the moment, there are six emojis available for users but there is a possibility that the collection will be expanded. Emojis are already starting to be used in response to messages on other Meta platforms. On Instagram, it is possible to mark messages with a heart while on Facebook Messenger, you can reply with any emoji present. Also on rival Telegram there is the ability to insert reactions to posted messages, choosing any emoji available on the platform.

The emoji news on WhatsApp has already been anticipated in recent days by WABetainfo, a portal that analyzes the platform’s code in every update to understand where developers are moving on. Here the news was finally published April 6. From a technical point of view, simply select a message to choose the reaction to send. Adding feedback is part of a long platform upgrade journey. a Leaking where someone appeared screenshot The app asked the user if they wanted to use the app on another device as well. If this function is implemented, it will be possible to use the application also on multiple mobile devices, for example a wave. Just like it already happens to computers that use WhatsApp Web.

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