Rome, pay the people of Mourinho

On May 25, in Tirana, it will be 5,114 days since the last trophy he lifted RomeFourteen and a few. And then, while the Olympique is still singing Sold And it’s morning already, it should be easy for you to understand what this goal means, this opportunity, for the Giallorossi people, the best thing in the second semi-final. Mourinho He asked the fans to enter the stadium and play and was satisfied. An ugly, sloppy, but not too bad game, lit up by the attendance and participation of sixty thousand (and more) Roma fans who had a great desire to find themselves again in the finals and perhaps the winners.

A year and a day after Jose announced his sudden arrival in the capital and his return to Italy Mourinho He made the most of a group that was able to reinvent and weaponize the traits needed to confront and overcome their own technical limitations. It gave the team body, tone and space as well thanks – as mentioned – to the uncanny light for the fans.

I was talking about a very sloppy and not so amazing race, as it was Rome She was able to lessen the suffering, limiting herself to control and reducing herself to the long and often high pitches of the poor Ibrahimthe protagonist at the end of a scene from the past, a far-reaching dialogue with the coach who, oblivious to asking the English for help (let me out, I can’t take it anymore, do you want blood too? Exhausted), waited until the 88th minute before taking him off the field .

Certainly the best Englishmen have owned Roma: Ibrahim has been fantastic for application and sacrifice and also scored the goal that leads the team to play in the Conference League with FeyenoordAnd Smalling A difference in both challenges with Listerwhich highlights the remarkable progress in the general case.

One last recommendation (quite literally): I suggest avoiding comparisons, definitely misplaced, with an offer real city Wednesday. We are talking about planets that are still very far away and an impossible rapprochement. Only emotions, who knows how to feel them, are alike. Some time ago, on Twitter, I read a sentence that I liked very much, and I don’t remember the author, but I kept it. This: “I’m looking for a prime location to enjoy the spectacle of logic clashing with the unpredictability of emotions.” Here, a Roma fan found this situation last night.

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