What we avoid with proper cleaning

Hand hygiene is essential to avoid major health problems, let’s see more details about it.

Wash your hands (Pixabay)

In these two years we discovered how important it is to sanitize our hands. correct Cleanliness from hands It can help us avoid health problems, even serious ones. It’s a quick gesture that doesn’t require much effort, yet it has always been underestimated.

The global pandemic has made us realize that if we wash our hands properly we can avoid many viruses and many viruses diseases. In these years when people paid much more attention to their hygiene, the results were seen very clearly. People became less sick. Therefore, continuing on this path is essential to one’s health and the health of the people close to us.

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Let’s see below what we avoid by washing our hands properly and what times we should sanitize properly. We use our hands to touch everything and everyone, and the bottom line is to make sure they are always, or nearly as clean, as possible.

Hand hygiene: what to avoid

Avoid habits
Wash your hands (Pixabay)

Hands touch everything and everyone, we repeat. In fact, they are the main means of transmitting diseases. On the other hand, if we take care of washing them often, we will avoid viruses, bacteria and pathogens. To contract with one of these agents, you just need to click one contaminated surface. At this point, it is enough to touch objects and people to contaminate them in turn.

Therefore, every time you touch something that is certainly not clean, you need to wash your hands for about a minute, being careful to go all over the areas of the hands. This means the inside of the fingers and toenails, which are often overlooked. You can use soapy water, preferably warm or warm water. Another very important thing is dry it completely.

You can also use the gels and disinfectants that are now found in all store entrances and in every women’s handbag. Well, using this solution, it will take 20 seconds as long as you distribute the product over the entire surface of the hand.

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Finally, remember that even then it’s OK to wash your hands often, but not much. There is good bacteria on the skin and it should not be removed or else you may get other types of diseases.

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