Zelensky: "Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has hit more than two thousand missiles, and at the steel plant it became hell" | Uses: "We do not decide with Kyiv the targets to hit" – TGCOM

  1. Zelensky: Since the beginning of the war, more than two thousand missiles have been hit in Ukraine.. It is hell at the steel plant | USA: “We have not determined the targets of the Kyiv strike”TGCOM
  2. Ukraine – Russia, war news today. USA: Russia lied to the UN Security Council. like …Republic
  3. Zelensky, more than 2,000 missiles have been fired at Ukraine-Europe since the beginning of the warANSA Agency
  4. The United States at the United Nations: “Russia lied to the Security Council”TGCOM
  5. Russo-Ukrainian War, USA: “Russia Lied to the United Nations”. Today a new evacuation from Mariupol. Media: Give it…printing
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