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nvidia One has been enforced by the US Securities and Exchange Commission Fine from $5.5 million To hide the number of GPUs sold to it Miner of cryptocurrencies.

In this case, the well-known semiconductor crisis has nothing to do with it, but the mining phenomenon itself, which actually exploded starting in 2017 and could significantly affect the sales from video cards You are allowed to try your hand at this practice.

When there was a problem with the availability of GPUs, NVIDIA released a set of specific models for extracting files Cryptocurrency In order to prevent players from suffering the consequences of this situation.

However, it appears that even cards designed for gamers have ended up in the hands of miners, and the company has not indicated the extent of this phenomenon in its tax reports, letting its shareholders understand that the increase in sales indicates a growing industry.

In short, the reasons for the fine are specifically related to NVIDIA’s attempt to “deceive” contributors by communicating data clearly affected by the mining phenomenon.

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