Isola 16: Chia’s opinion in Episode 14

That the weight of this edition of Celebrity Island Falls almost exclusively on the shoulders of the hero Edward And Gwendalina Tavasi (in valuable cooperation with Nicholas VaporidisAnd Nick LucianiAnd Carmen de Petro And Alessandro Iannone, of course) is known. After all, he also confirmed it Laurie Del Santo, which knows a lot about the show. “I know they’re comedians and they were hired to make us all laughThe showgirl/director/producer/screenwriter and photographer said yesterday to herself. Can we contradict it?

Edu And Guenda They are definitely the most versatile outcasts, like Seely. They make people laugh (we’re watching), pee (the other competitors) – and between arguments and another – they also manage to get excited (like when they talked about their complicated childhood, or when you hugged your boyfriend yesterday again. Federico Berna In one of the cutest surprises in days Alicia Mancini And that’s handsome Flavio Montrucchio).

But every self-respecting hero needs his character to bring out the best in himself villain. from his opponent. of the perfect antidote. And only loners are able to offer decent insights into the mockery of evil gods tavasi I Clemente Russo And Laura Madaloni. What alternatives do we have, that are able to withstand these two things? blindwho was not even able to respond adequately to the light digs in the three new entries? Roger Baldwinwhich is so fake that even his girlfriend is fake Estefania Bernal Are you surprised at how fake it is? But please!

I’m not at all sorry that this edition is going to be the longest ever, quite the opposite. Week after week is perhaps what has surprised me the most in recent years. It is no coincidence that when they announced the extension I was not as disappointed as in the days Gf VIP from AfonzoBut I was happy too. But if we want to live bread Laughter and rubbish until June 27 We can’t deprive ourselves of husbands so fast RussianI tell you.

who – which Clemente Last night he was going to get the worst of it on TV which made him oppose it Nicholas And nick It was more than expected. How can you check the Bulgarian percentages on Monday?The first lady who met with the mayor of Playa Sajamada(Cit.) And I, so well aware of the ordinary spectator who cannot wait to send the wicked home, dread that he will be able to favor the superfluous now. Lycia Nunez Them, on Elimination TV.

Isola 16: Chia's opinion in Episode 14

Here you have to be farsighted, Riga. charge them Playa Sajamada there, and it is indeed divine punishment for people who believed until the last episode that they were speaking on behalf of the Italian people (I laugh forever!), but the bedside tables should be sent home to Marco Sinnisuseless to Jovana DjordjevicCertainly not me Russian.

But when two ardent legendaries of this caliber appear, when? Already possessing of them, in the combo they also manage to excite each other dramatically. More competitive than the Olympians, so I’m grumpy and I miss the hyenas. The heat of Honduras would have gone to his head and they would think they were in the middle of Sparta against Athens, because otherwise this enthusiasm cannot be explained even in the worst Menchi*t. And that’s precisely because they are so comically insane that they have to stay for as long as possible. more than PresentAnd stefania And blind Definitely.

These three, compared to them, are half socks. Dogs that bark but don’t bite. The Russian Instead, they bite well (and I wouldn’t even be surprised if they literally did, by focusing on random leader testing). And if we promote sadistic creativity tavasi, we desperately need opponents to their level. Among the former TiburonProbably.

That some fissures in the factions are already starting to appear, and my heart will not withstand an internecine war between the factions. Kucaracha, I tell you. I noticed how much he grew up there Madalone In watching all against Vaporides, yesterday? She couldn’t wait to point the finger at someone else to distract herself. With Nicholas She even killed two birds with one stone because she couldn’t stand it from the start, and it wasn’t even right that she could argue against him.

But I hope so Edward And Gwendolyn He managed to explain with the actor without falling into the shady trap of Lura, there. that Holy Roman Empire 2.0.2 Update It can’t explode, I don’t accept it. Especially because this would bring water to those artichoke gods mill TiburonAnd you don’t.

These should be left to hand, and they have already proven to be very good at doing. as Present admit that “in love with Beatrice No, but I like it. She was my most important friend, she made me lose my mind!Pretending not to decide who to choose between her and her Bernaljust to reduce everything to simple (eg credibilityHow not!) Friendship. or when stefania He said “Who falls in love in a month? Nobody! That would be a lie, because even I can’t fall in love in 30 days. It’s clearly too early to say such a thing!“Maybe I forgot the passage where he said”in my opinion Present He feels love for me, and I feel great love for him too“.

On the three new entrances I’d like to draw a merciful veil over confidence, really. No, but you can’t see that they were programmed for the fake story with these two.”scapoloni big fish“, no! But who would believe that? Mercedes HingerAnd Maria Laura de Vitesse And Fabrizia Santarelli From there he will never be so kind to one look Edward And Alexander?

For heaven’s sake, this sympathy does a lot, in a man’s charm, I’m the first to believe in it, but I think we can jump out of Perachi to tavasi I find it difficult here.

Beside that winner de Bubba and Nerdy ShowWho turned from wanting to believe the sincerity of her feelings for her Paulo Brusio To quarrel with other cocoons Gianmarco Unestini Aims to Ianuni. equal, fair. Okchi.

And the third, I don’t know who she really is, but it was enough for me to hear her introduce herself with this trifle.”I never lose, win or learn“For her election as head goose.

The only tool I can recognize is that it completely crashed Carmenwho doesn’t even want to shake hands with him and snatch Alexander To get him out of their clutches before it’s too late. Two minutes walked palapa She was already quite angry. “But how dare you say you are a fairy tale in front of me Alyssa? I don’t like this situation, I hope so a beer Come here in front of me. Don’t make me look bad, be patient! Close your eyes and don’t look at anything, from tonight I’ll put my bandages on you and you’ll come with me downstairs!Then the dose is increased during the nominations by saying “I hope it’s a joke and they’re going tonight. Because the people who seem so cute and cool are the ones who make serious things happen!“.

The guard (cit.) Petro That he would have to face not one, not two, but three the conquerors So, de Puto. I live the next day, you know.

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