Massimo Ranieri’s health condition after falling off the stage and being hospitalized in Cardarelli

Massimo Ranieri has a broken rib and various bruises: he is in pain and regrets the interruption of the show yesterday due to a bad accident, his fall from a ladder onto the podium. The tour stopped.

Painful night but basically calm Massimo Ranierithe famous Neapolitan singer, actor and director, the protagonist of a bad accident while performing in Diana Theater in Naples, Vomero district, In the evening of May 6. Ranieri, 71, fell down a ladder in the middle of the stage while singing, possibly after setting foot in the wrong way.

Ranieri – who never lost consciousness – was rescued by those present, 118 were alerted and arrived quickly, the singer was taken to First aid at Cardarelli Hospital in Naples He underwent diagnostic tests and was kept under observation for suspected thoracic trauma and various bruises. Doctors talk about Rib fracture, bruising of the right shoulder and lumbar spine «Sorry to interrupt the show» titled “Sogno o son desto”, in which the artist from Santa Lucia had to spread his great hits and strong voice. Marco de Antuneshead of Flender Produzioni, maintains that Ranieri had no more serious repercussions than the bad accident.

Massimo Ranieri’s tour suspended

A show was sold out, as it often happens in Diana, one of Ranieri’s favorite Neapolitan venues for his shows. Recovery times are announced in order of weeks. For now, the “Perdere Amore” singer will take a break so that he can return to his beloved stage in the best possible way: his tour included stops in Parma after evenings in Naples and then in Cesena, Sanremo, Livorno, Rome and Terni. But it was suspended.

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Hundreds of testimonies of solidarity and wishes for a speedy and complete recovery on social media from each of his fans and colleagues – and always via social media – Also some ironies about the admission of Cardarelli to the hospitalThe Naples Hospital itself has winded up in a storm in recent days due to long waiting times for patients in the emergency room.

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