One simple step can protect the heart from problems as much as three medicines combined

Sometimes, to reduce the risk of developing diseases, or exacerbation of already existing ones, it is necessary to follow a strict diet and treat with medicines. However, there are some lifestyle modifications that can have a similar effect.

In fact, according to a study, which we will present shortly, a simple trick can protect the heart in an unexpected way, to the point of protecting heart patients in the same way that three drugs are grouped. Therefore, we present the results of this research.

An amazing discovery that deserves further study

A recent study conducted by the University of Amsterdam Medical Center in the Netherlands looked at 1,000 patients aged 45 or older who still smoked even after having had a heart attack or surgery. The study aimed to know the positive effect of smoking cessation in those patients who have a history of heart problems.

Initially, these patients were treated with antiplatelet agents, statins, and antihypertensive drugs. These three drugs, combined as instructed by the doctors, would have ensured a reduced risk of further cardiac emergencies.

One simple step can protect the heart from problems as much as three medicines combined

The researchers estimated that using these drugs gained an additional 4.83 years of heart health compared to those not treated with the drugs. However, the surprising result is that quitting smoking will allow you to gain another 4.81 years of heart health, a result that is practically the same as medication.

So it seems that changing just a little habit in your life can lead to excellent health effects, such as taking up to three drugs. So the advice given by experts would be to quit smoking to reduce the very serious risks. It is clear that smoking cessation should always be combined with the advice of doctors and any drug treatments prescribed by the doctor himself.

Researchers stress the importance of quitting smoking by noting that there are other benefits to quitting as well. Including reducing the incidence of cancer and lung disease. They also added that cigarette smoking is responsible for 50% of avoidable deaths in smokers. Half of these preventable deaths were reported from cardiovascular disease.


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