Revenue Agency, €10,000 Covid bonus for these workers

The Revenue Agency announces that some workers can apply for a bonus of 10 thousand euros from Covid

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The ones we are going through are by no means easy years: first the Covid-19 epidemic, then inflation, exorbitant bills and the increase in raw materials caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine put pressure on the pockets of Italians. also workers and companies They were hit hard by this social and economic framework Many had to close their businesses.

For this category of workers specifically, there is good news: a important economic benefit. This is the Non-repayable scholarship stipulated in Article 43 bis of Legislative Decree 73/2021. To connect everything isrevenue agency Through a specific press release dated May 3 last.

Covid Reward for Businesses: Here’s How to Apply

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The government has allocated a lot to the non-reimbursable contribution to companies 100 million. The fund will be allocated to Activities who have undergone decrease in turnover not less than 15% compared to 2019. Companies that send the application from 6 to 20 June will amount to 10 thousand euros. Let us now see in detail how to access the contribution.

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Companies that provide services Serving food on non-occasional occasions Specified under a contract with a public or private client. These companies must be duly incorporated, registered and active in business record time of application.

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For companies established in 2019, the decrease in turnover should be calculated based on Taxable Income Values of invoices issued and fees for sub-annual reference periods. Moreover, in order to receive funds, companies must own Legal/Operating Headquarters in Italy Total revenue in 2019 was at least 50% of the fee for collective catering contracts.

Those interested or the broker will be able to apply for the reward by June 20 By contacting the Revenue Agency website in the reserved area Invoices and fees. In the application, in addition to indicating all the required requirements, the number of employees must be specified as of December 31, 2019 InputOr it will arrive directly at Bank account From the beneficiary indicated in the application.

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