“Today we wanted to be third, I’m sorry. But sometimes we won in the 92nd minute…”

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke to DAZN’s microphone after the defeat at the Genoa stadium.


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Massimiliano AllegriThe Juventus coach after the corrected defeat at the Genoa stadium spoke with a microphone dozen: “Paulo performed well compared to the other, I’m happy with what he did, but the technical quality is not revealed now. Sorry for the defeat. In the second round we only lost against Inter, sorry for so many chances. So football is like that, if you don’t score you can catch up. with it “.

Is there any administrative issue in the last few minutes? “There was a moment when Genoa were in trouble, we always tried to do something, we never really controlled the game. But it’s also a matter of characteristics. We all had players on the counterattack, and it naturally becomes a process for both sides.”

about ken. “Moyes is good physically, he has an important leg. As a winger he has more space to attack, he plays well in speed. He has more difficulties in his back to goal. Happy.”

About Merity. “I don’t know if he will play in the Coppa Italia on Wednesday, but he played well tonight also calmly. He knows how to play football. It’s the second game in the first team, he will have more theatrical chances. He has the reassurance that someone normally has. at his age. And she doesn’t enjoy it.”

About Vlahovic. “Tonight he played a good game, did well in depth and off. It’s not that if you don’t score you won’t score well, there are moments when you don’t score. You score.”

She is usually very competitive: she always wants to win. “Tonight I was sorry to lose because one night we were third, but we won matches in the 92nd minute and tonight he said somewhere we have to lose.”

About Dybala. “Paulo did well in the second half, he grew a lot. Usually in the second half he always improves and that gives me hope.”

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