Di Benedetti: “The EU is not interested in following Biden in the war against Putin. It is not a crusade, democracy cannot be exported with arms.”

Today we are Europeans We have no interest To wage war on Putin.” “Interests United States of America Born in United kingdom on the one hand, and Europe and especially Italy on the other hand, diverge completely“We should be grateful to NATO for the role it played during the Cold War, but now it just doesn’t make sense anymore.” These are not sentences taken from a pacifist statement, but from an interview with courier from Carlo Di Benedetti, one of the main Italian entrepreneurs, the former owner of the Espresso group and the noble father of the Democratic Party. on questions Aldo Cazullo About the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the engineer replied with clear considerations and pragmatism that reflects widespread thought but with a little sexual in major newspapers. “A war intertwined with a very severe recession like the one we are facing, This is ridiculousAnd Nonsense. The consequences will be dire.absolute priorityHe begins “He must prevent it. And to the journalist who reminds him of the responsibilities of the Russian President replies: “I do not condone Putin, I hate that. He is a criminal and a thief, who together with thirty other thieves stole Russia from the Russians. But today we Europeans have no interest in waging war against him. I am forever grateful and will be grateful to the Anglo-Americans for liberating us from Nazi fascism,” he adds, but “if Biden wants to wage war on Russia via Ukraine, that is his business.” we We cannot and should not follow him“.

Di Benedetti also has clear ideas about arms supply In Kyiv: “Biden approved a $33 billion aid package in Congress, of which $20 billion is in arms: a huge sum for a country like Ukraine. This means that the United States is preparing for a long war, even for a year.” It would be a disaster for us“The Russians are committing atrocities against the civilian population.” And he warns. Kazulo reminds him: “And do you think that weapons are used to stop these atrocities? No: the only way to stop the atrocities is to find one.” negotiation solution‘ answers the engineer. When asked – as a result – whether he, too, has joined the ranks of NATO’s critics, the former editor of Republic He recalls that the Atlantic military alliance “originated in a completely different context” than the current one: “The European Union did not exist, China was not on the scene. We should be grateful to NATO for the role it played during the Cold War, but now it no longer makes sense.” He remembers that Europe “has a common interest: stop the warinstead of feeding her. If the United States wants to use Ukraine to oust Putin, let it do so. What is our relationship to it? We are no longer in the time of the Crusades, We are not here to fight evilAssuming that it is evil and that our evil is good.” “Democracy and defending human rights are also part of our culture,” Kazulo points out. “But do we really believe that we can export democracy with weapons?” CDB replies. Americans have already tried. Well: it Does not work Democracy is exported with the social and economic success of democratically organized societies. not with weapons“.

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