Games and applications that are inaccessible to some users –

The Problems from Xbox Live It hasn’t been resolved yet, and it’s still there for some users who have reported being unable to access games And a program that require connection verification.

In the past few hours, it seemed that Xbox had fixed the problems after a long time during which i server yielded underbut clearly something is still wrong and Microsoft is working to figure out what it is.

“We understand that some users may have problems accessing streaming apps like Netflix or Disney+ and we are working on a fix,” said the latest post from tech support, which called on everyone to check the status of Xbox services.

At the moment, the page reports one annoyance with mobile apps and devices, and many believe the crash of the past few hours may be due to the advent of Fortnite, free on Xbox Cloud without Game Pass even on iPhone and iPad.

During the day we will see how the situation will develop and whether Microsoft will report the actual cause of the malfunctions reported by many users.

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