Live Venice – Bologna: 2-3 Serie A 2021/2022. live the match

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Pier Luigi Penzo
    City: Venice
    Capacity: 7,499 spectators13:32

  • At Pier Luigi Pinzo, everything is ready for the match Venezia Bologna, the 36th round of the Italian Serie A.13:32

  • arancioneroverdi, last in the standings after 10 consecutive defeats, has achieved success as the only way to avoid sporting relegation at least two matches ahead; Rosoblu, unbeaten in six matches, won the last three away.13:36

  • Here are the profiles. Venice with 3-5-1-1: Minba – Svoboda, Caldara, Sikaroni – Matego, Krinigog, Vaca, Cousans, Haps – Kien – Henry. Available: Bruno, McGee, Ullmann, Peretz, Bossio, Fiordelino, Tessman, Aramo, Nanny, Johnson, Okerek, Nessam.14:14

  • 3-5-2 for Bologna: Skorupski – Soumaoro, Medel, Theate – De Silvestri, Schouten, Svanberg, Soriano, Hickey – Barrow, Arnautovic. Available: Bardi, Mbaye, Ebecher, Pinx, Bonifaci, Cassius, Viola, Vignato, Dominguez, Sanson, Orsolini, Santander.14:16

  • Unqualified Ampadu, Soncin repaints the mediator with Crnigoj-Vacca-Cuisance. A very conservative figure, Henry one point, Keene in support.14:24

  • Mihajlovic relies on Barrow-Arnautovic’s attack along with Svanberg in the control room. Theate favored Bonifazi in defence, and De Silvestri on the right.14:11

  • The warm-up stages end, and soon the race directed by Marinelli begins.14:34

  • 1 ‘

    START Venice-Bologna, ball to black orange.15:01

  • 3′

    Habs goes down to the left, Sumuro clears the area.15:05

  • 4′

    Goal! Venice – Bologna 1-0! Henry Network. Menba’s long delay, Henry mocks Skorupski upon exiting with a precise header.

    See player profile Thomas Henry15:06

    Thomas Henry
  • 6′

    Somuro in the offensive projection, Vaca receives the first corner of the match.15:07

  • 8′

    From a corner kick, the ball slides at the far post towards Theate, and a weak, Mainba is left without problems.15:09

  • 9′

    An attempt from a distance by Soriano, from right to side.15:10

  • 11′

    Arnautovic calls for conversation with Barrow, while Svoboda stands in the way.15:12

  • 13′

    Crnigoj Long line to Kiyine, Theate turns into the corner.15:14

  • 14′

    From the corner, vertical Svoboda, above the crossbar.15:15

  • 15th ‘

    Siscaroni’s cross, Medell managed to head off to anticipate Henry.15:16

  • 16′

    Gun penalty! Habs corners himself in the area, Skorobsky kicks him out, and Marinelli points out the spot.15:18

  • 16′

    Skorupski cautions against a penalty foul.15:18

  • 19 ‘

    Punishment saved! Skorupski extends to the right and rejects Kiyine’s penalty.15:20

  • 19 ‘

    Goal! Venice – Bologna 2-0! Kiyine Network. Skorupski centrally rejects a Kiyine penalty which he is quick to repeat at the bottom of the bag.

    See the profile of Sovian Keene15:21

    Sofian Kien
  • 21′

    Scotten earns a free kick from a favorable position, a foul from Vaca.15:23

  • 22 ‘

    Svanberg beats and de Silvestri’s header does not frame the goal.15:23

  • 24′

    Barrow receives in the area of ​​Schouten, a weak turn, easy prey for Minba.15:25

  • 25′

    Svanberg from the edge, with his right foot by Svoboda for a corner.15:34

  • 26′

    From an angle, De Silvestri stands out in the area, transmitting high from an excellent location.15:27

  • 28 ‘

    Shotgun chance! Keene’s duets with Henry, a toxic low shot, Skorubsky gets there with his fingertips.15:30

  • 29′

    In corner developments, Matejo’s side, Theatt sacrifices himself on the right without a sure shot from Svoboda.15:31

  • 29′

    Kiyine warning, dangerous game on Soriano.15:31

  • 31 ‘

    Shotgun chance! Henry wins by rebounding with Somuro, powerful shot from a tight angle, Skorubsky covering the near post.15:32

  • 32 ‘

    Ceccaroni tries from a distance of 25 metres, leaving him wide to the side.15:33

  • 32 ‘

    Bologna Chance! Soriano in the Barrow Pass, Minba manages to close the mirror.15:34

  • 33 ‘

    Arnautovic turns to the extreme, leaves Caldara muffled, and Minba catches the ball.15:34

  • 34 ‘

    Replace Bologna. Mihajlovic goes 4-3-3: out, Orsolini.15:36

  • 36′

    Free kick scheme, Barrow shoots into the lake.15:37

  • 38 ‘

    Hickey warned, bad introduction to Matego.15:39

  • 40′

    Schouten of 20 meters, straight into the curve.15:41

  • 42 ‘

    Hickey’s fault, Medel treats Henry.15:43

  • 43 ‘

    De Silvestri presses the wing, and Arnautovic hits the bottom with his head.15:44

  • 44 ‘

    Svanberg centers from the left, Caldara is well located.15:45

  • 45′

    From the side error, excellent double close of clicks on Orsolini.15:46

  • 45′

    Two minutes of recovery.15:47

  • 45′ + 2′

    Goal! Venice Bologna 2-1! Orsolini Network. Protracted movement by Rosoblu, Barrow’s cross, Ursolini heading behind Menba.

    Look at the player card Riccardo Orsolini15:49

    Riccardo Orsolini
  • 45′ + 4′

    The end of the first half. Venice – Bologna 2-1, Ursolini salutes the red and blue hopes.15:50

  • Orange and green, softened by an impending decline now, find at first everything that has been missing in recent months: intensity, opportunity, tangibility, rigor. Henry signs the lead in postponing MENBA, Skorobsky distributes HAPS in the area and saves Keene’s penalty kick, he is able and lucky to repeat the goal in the rebound. Mihajlovic passes to 4-3-3 and Rosoblu enters the match and cuts the distance in the last second with the newly entered Orsolini.15:53

  • Soncin must avoid falling into the center of gravity and focus, he has many offensive weapons available on the bench; Mihajlovic can encourage his team to believe in a comeback.15:55

  • 46 ‘

    Replace Bologna. Svanberg is still in the locker room, Dominguez’s space.16:05

  • 46 ‘

    The shooting begins. Venice – Bologna 2-1, Rossoblo maneuver.16:05

  • 48 ‘

    Crnigoj opens in front of Mateju, Medel scans the area.16:08

  • 49 ‘

    Barrow is looking for pieces in the area by Arnautovic who barely touched the ball from two steps with his head, thanks Minba.16:09

  • 51 ‘

    Henry touches the maximum Cuisance that he does not exceed, doubling.16:12

  • 52 ‘

    Bologna Chance! Barrow, Arnautovic from a corner restart, Menba attentive.16:11

  • 54 ‘

    Barrow cross, Caldara neutralizes Arnautovic’s header for a corner kick.16:13

  • 55 ‘

    Goal! Venice Bologna 2-2! Arnautovic Network. In the corner developments, the De Silvestri tower that bypasses Maenpaa and Caldara, Arnautovich is plain.

    See player profile Marko Arnautovic16:16

    Marko Arnautovic
  • 56′

    Replace the gun. Vaca’s independence is over, it’s Fiordelino’s time.16:17

  • 56′

    Replace the gun. Keene leaves the field in favor of Aramo.16:17

  • 57 ‘

    An attempt from the outside by Aramo, center left, Skorubsky holding the outlet.16:17

  • 59′

    Rhythms are down slightly, with the two teams facing each other on average.16:20

  • 61 ‘

    Ceccaroni on the floor, the game paused for a few moments.16:20

  • 63 ‘

    Launching for Arnautovic, Caldara is in the foreground.16:22

  • 63 ‘

    Replace the gun. Soncin Increases Offensive Weight: Johnsen for Haps.16:23

  • 64 ‘

    Fault comes out from orange and green, Barrow is unable to take advantage of it.16:24

  • 65′

    Orsolini centers from the right, veers left to the side from Caldara.16:25

  • 67′

    Arnautovic settles on the edge of offside, expecting Svoboda Dominguez.16:27

  • 67′

    Bologna Chance! Another mistake in taking out the hosts, as Orsolini enters the ball and chain area, Maenpaa manages to hoist over the bar.16:27

  • 68 ‘

    Goal! Venice Bologna 2-3! Shotton network. From the corner, Schouten saves space in the area and shoots his right at the intersection, unstoppable for Maenpaa.

    See player profile for Jerdy Schouten16:28

    Jerdy Schouten
  • 69′

    Replace Bologna. Vignato replaces Soriano.16:29

  • 69′

    Replace Bologna. Relay attack between Barrow and Samson.16:29

  • 71 ‘

    Crossing from Sicaroni, Aramu fails to turn around in the area.16:31

  • 73 ‘

    Gun penalty! Cousins ​​punishment, Aramo points to the area, Medell touches him, Marinelli gives another penalty to the black buff.16:33

  • 75 ‘

    After reviewing the photos in the video assistant referee, Marinelli confirms his decision.16:35

  • 77 ‘

    Sparks in the field between Medel and Matego, both Marinelli warns.16:37

  • 77 ‘

    Yellow card, Alice Matuji15:37

  • 77 ‘

    Yellow card Gary Alexis Medel Soto15:37

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