Milan in Verona to get close to “the best”. Training: two surprises

Milan in Verona to get close to “the best”.  Training: two surprises

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“It’s time to show that we are not only good, we can be the best”. This is the central statement of yesterday’s press conference in Beoli Verona Milan. And this is the central statement in the next three matches remaining on the Rossoneri: winning, collecting no less than 7 points, to be the best in Italy. The goal is very clear and the victory over Hellas…

Obviously, it will not be easy in Verona. The Tudor squad is a tough squad, playing well and aggressively, and led by a very hot crowd. However, Jiro and his comrades will be on their side 15 thousand fans Present at “Pentegodi” and one Great team mentality constantly increasing: “I see my players always on the right track, attentive and motivated. They manage those emotions well. I don’t see my players anxious and anxious, I see they are excited. One iota can make a difference. We are focused, anxious and not frantic. It has been phenomenal growth. I thought that I should be here in Milanello to comfort them, but in reality not: they are always calm and smiling, and a pleasure to be here.”

Possible configuration
To keep up with Inter, who temporarily took the lead in the tournament, Pegs The following training should be entrusted: Minyan at the door, Calabria, Kalolo, Tomori and Theo Hernandez in defense; Tonali and Casey in the midfield Jerrod Pioneer powered by Liao to the left, Saelemeekers Right (before Messias) e chronich In the middle, he favors Bennacer (on the bench) and Diaz. Present Ibrahimovic, Rebic and Florenzi.

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