Nissan GTR electric motor will be equipped on the “beast”

Nissan looks to the future by pointing to the past, trying to pursue and transport its sports cars with the electric motor.

Nissan GTR electric motor will be equipped on the “beast”
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April He knows he has to move his place sports cars In the auto market, openness to new scenarios. The Electrical engine Not new to Japanese housewho participates in the World Championships formulas, but to match it with the style of his sports car, it is. new style for Nissan GT-ROr so the house seems intent on moving, they explain themselves.

An electrified future for the Nissan GTR?

trade mark April Over time, she has experienced several setbacks regarding herself sports cars. Given that, for some time we have not had a new model on the market, some questions about the future are valid, the Japanese should ask them. Every mother Ashwani GuptaAnd Nissan Operations Managerto the program maximum speed It appears to be charting a new path towards GRT electrification, and a gradual one Transformationwhich will lead to the manufacture of electric cars only.

Gupta He didn’t say when all this would happen, but he’s confident of what’s new GT Sarah Electrician. The reason we are still not sure if we can build a car electric sports car Very successful, lies in the fact that the house still does not have one Technique who allows it. plan exposure value Focuses on it a lotcivilizedwhere at the moment the part Electrician More successful, but it is clear that super car I market to April.

Nissan GT
Nissan GTR Introduction –

The operative manager from April So obviously, le sports cars remain an integral part of Brand name. there GT Like 307 gIt must be permanent Main From home, giving the two cars, even a Nickname. there 307 g and the beauty while the GT and the MonsterReferring to the model of the two cars. For now, even if it DNA From home looking at AthleteProduction of these compounds has ceased.

Because electricity can be salvation

The back of the Nissan
The rear of the Nissan GTR –

some models Nissan sports carcan no longer be generalized in Europe. The V6 biturbo engine The Japanese, do not abide by noise regulations, and therefore find an important market, like that, is prohibited European. This may be the exact solution to this problemelectrification of respected cars 100% This standard. April Not at a favorable moment, evenAustralia Sales blocked Brand namesince Australian government changed the rules crash test.

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