One Life, Progressing May 8th and 9th: Discover Miguel Daniela!

Genoveva told Aurelio that he should trust Felipe: he would be able to get Natalia out of prison. When Quesada meets Marcos on the street, the two go so far as to threaten each other with guns.

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Realizing that he is not an orphan, Miguel – despite his shock – promises Roberto not to report them and that for the time being he will remain silent with Sabina. Soon, the boy makes a strange offer to his grandfather: to steal Marcos Pasigalupi’s safe.

Antonioto interview in the newspaper, Ramon is very worried about his son.

Alodia is still afraid of expecting a child, but Ignacio tells her that this is practically impossible and that she is calmer.

Daniela infiltrates the cellar and finds evidence against Olmedos, but Miguel arrives and discovers her.

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