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Charlene He resumed his institutional commitments after more than a year’s absence from the Principality of Monaco, but the expressions on his face could no longer mask his unease at returning to “normal” judicial life, which after months of absence seems more stifling than ever.

Monaco’s royal family made a comeback at the Saint Devote Rugby Tournament, but it’s clear the princess has raised a wall with Albert. The couple seems increasingly distant, and Charlene’s blank and absent glances only confirm the rumours They want to separate them now.

Charlene from Monaco, forced into smiles and absent glances

Charlene of Monaco has officially returned to her corporate commitments: she did so on April 30, when she attended the e-prix, the Formula E World Championship, with her family, For the first time after more than a year of absence of general appearances.

She returned, along with Prince Albert and his twins Jack and Gabriella, also for the Saint Devout rugby tournament, which has not been held for two years due to the pandemic. The sunny day and the joy of her children did not manage to change the mood of the princess, who seemed increasingly uncomfortable to the eyes of her subjects and the flashes of the paparazzi.

impossible Do not notice his forced smiles, The absent glances and strategic glasses ready to hide the sad expression in his eyes. The only demonstrations of affection were, as always, directed at Jack and Gabriella: Charlene never denied embracing, kissing or fondling her children, even in public, where she appeared on more than one occasion Being an present and caring mother.

Charlene from Monaco and Alberto further and further

On the one hand, if the princess never skimped on gestures of affection for her children, the same certainly could not be said about the relationship with her husband Alberto. Charlene of Monaco, also on this occasion, never looked at the Prince, never touched.

There seemed to be an impassable wall between the two: their coldness, now evident even in public, would confirm the now increasingly persistent rumours. about their separation. Always at a safe distance in corporate events and an increased dimension even in private life, husband and wife will now have a $12 million per year agreement to avoid divorce and keep appearances.

Divorce – at least for now – wouldn’t be considered, but proof that the royal couple’s love is now over was also the expert Michael Bigas. Their being together only confirms the separation and coldness between them: according to him, during their last public appearances together, Alberto seemed ” out of context While it appears that his wife was forced to attend the event.”

Body language expert Judy James, who consulted daily Mail, insists on the “thoughtful expression” and “solitude” of Charlene of Monaco. “The princess seems far from her family, despite the embrace of her daughter Gabriella.”

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