“Those healthy foods that you should always put in your cart”

It is now known that eating healthy is the best strategy for preventing cancer and staying healthy. Inappropriate eating habits are among the risk factors that are defined as modifiable, as it is up to us to remove them in favor of a correct and balanced diet, taking into account balance and BMI, a necessary premise for a healthy and balanced body. in shape.

Obviously, there is no miracle food that alone can protect us from the risks of diseases and cancers, but it is often the collective action of multiple foods that makes the difference. The recommendation is to be wary of quick fixes, often suggested by self-styled nutritionists who, more often than not, turn to fake news and empty our wallet too.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) cancer prevention guidelines are based on three main recommendations: adopting a healthy eating pattern at all ages, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for life, and being physically active. With Leon Arsenio, an endocrinologist, metabolic disease and nutrition expert, we focus on nutrition.

«The first recommendation is to follow the Mediterranean diet, which should include: foods rich in nutrients in an amount that allows you to reach and maintain a suitable weight; vegetables in a balanced and varied manner, of all colours, from dark green to red to orange; Legumes rich in fiber and protein. fruit, especially whole and all coloured; Whole grains are especially beneficial because the fiber they contain is linked to micronutrients, such as folate.”

What foods should be limited or avoided?

Red and processed meat, sugary drinks, processed foods, and refined grain products. Ultra-processed ready-made foods are often chosen because of their convenience, ease of preparation, and resistance to spoilage due to the presence of additives, which are often harmful to health. Sugary drinks, such as soft drinks, fruit-flavored drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks, represent the main source of added sugars in American diets and 12% of the population drinks more than three per day.”

Is a glass of wine allowed?

“Of course, but with some caution: For alcoholic beverages, never exceed the threshold of 10 grams per day (1 alcohol unit) for women and 20 grams per day (2 alcohol units) for men, which is about 1 glass of 10-11 degree wine for women and 2 glasses for men “.

Is there a food that should not be lacking in the diet at all?

“Extra virgin olive oil (Evo) is one of the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet, which is often underestimated or forgotten, traditionally used in Italian cuisine, not to be confused with olive oil, which is obtained instead of From it from a mixture of refined olives. Oil and virgin olive oils. Evo is the product obtained by mechanical extraction from the fruits of Olea Europa, while olive oil is obtained, among other things, also through a deodorizing process aimed at To correct analytical and sensory defects through chemical and physical processes and deprive them of their vitamin and antioxidant content.”

What are the effects on the body?

“Regular consumption of Evo is associated with improved glycemic and cardiomyopathy and reduced frequency of cardiovascular and neoplastic events. Extra virgin olive oil is a mine of antioxidants, including vitamin E, tocopherol and several phenolic compounds. Moreover, the history of the olive tree and Ifo is very ancient: in Ebla, northern Syria, tables of the third millennium BC were found that refer to it. There are also many quotes in the Bible: After the flood the dove comes with an olive branch to Noah.

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