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Guitarist and bassist of the Dublin band sang at the Khreshchatyk station, after President Volodymyr Zelensky invited him to sing.

Surprising concert on the subway in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine, for an Irish rock star Bono and guitarist the edge. The U2 frontman praised and even declared the country’s struggle for “freedom” his prayers “For peace”. From the station stage, the 61-year-old rock icon sang the U2 classics alongside The Edge, another member of the band. “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”And “wish” And “With or without you”. “The people of Ukraine are not only fighting for their freedom but for all of us We love freedomBono said during the rest period.

As the singer pointed out, past struggles In Ireland and problems with a more powerful neighbor. “We pray that you will enjoy some of this peace soon,” Bono said. At one point, a rock star called Ukrainian soldier Taras Topolia to sing with him. Showed to someone Small crowd of fans, including members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in military uniform. Then the rock star sang with a group of soldiers “stand by me”and convert it to “Stand up for Ukraine”.

Bono and David Howell Evans (The Edge) arrived from U2 in Kyiv and around 1 p.m. Italian today, Sunday May 8where they improvised live at the Khreshchatyk station, which today operates as air-raid shelter. The sudden appearance came as sirens sounded in the Ukrainian capital. “President Zelensky invited us to perform in Kyiv gesture of solidarity To the Ukrainian people – the Dublin musicians explained in a tweet posted on social media – this is what we came to do.”

It’s fromearly eighties that U2 members, as a band or individually, are collaborating with other musicians, artists, celebrities and politicians to address issues related to povertyThe diseases and theSocial injustice. Among the most important initiatives involved in Band aid In 1984, to raise funds for a famine in Ethiopia. Two years later, U2 participated in the dedicated concert self help to unemployment in ireland And a useful musical tour conspiracy of hope To support Amnesty International.

during the 1992 TV Zoo TourThe Irish band participated in a “Stop Sellafield” concert with Greenpeace to protest the reprocessing plant nuclear fuel. Events in Sarajevo during Bosnian war The song inspiredMiss Sarajevoperformed for the first time in a show by Pavarotti & Friends in September 1995. In Belfast, in 1998, a few days before the vote on the Good Friday Convention, Bono and his cohorts took to the stage political leaders David Trimble and John Hume of Northern Ireland to promote the “Good Friday Agreement”.

The band dedicated the song 2000 “walking on” for the Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyiunder house arrest since 1989. In late 2003, Bono and The Edge participated in the South African HIV/AIDS awareness concert series, while in 2005, U2 played in the concert live 8 in London, which Bob Geldof helped organize for the 20th anniversary of direct treatment to support the campaign Make poverty history. In November of the same year, The Edge and producer Bob Ezrin helped introduce high musican initiative to replace instrumental musicians in the New Orleans area affected byHurricane Katrina.

In April 2020, the group donated 10 million euros To purchase personal protective equipment for Irish healthcare workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The band also donated $1.5 million To mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the music industry. For his music and activism, Bono has received many awards, including Legion of Honor by the French government in 2003; prestige cover “person of the Year” from weekly “time” In 2005 (together with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates); that it British Chivalry Honorary Medal in 2007.

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